Avoiding Car Accidents Keeps Insurance Premiums Low

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Most people don’t think about the profound effect a car accident, even a small fender bender, can have on their lives until it happens. 

Some car accidents just can’t be avoided but fortunately many can. Although an accident is something that in theory could not be avoided, there are many things you can do to help you avoid accidents which might help ​keep your car insurance costs under control.

For example, many people fail to keep their cars in safe driving conditions or allow distractions to keep them from being focused on the road. By avoiding car accidents you avoid a lot of hassle, keep yourself and your family safer and save money on insurance.

Here are tips to help anyone become a better driver and avoid many common areas that are often associated with the accidents that happen on the roadways:

Consider Using Telematics Devices With Your Insurance Company, Which Also Gives You a Discount!

Telematics devices monitor how you drive and many insurance companies are using them to give good drivers discounts on their insurance policies.

Even though using a telematics device or app may not completely help you avoid a car accident, it may make you aware of some of your driving habits or tendencies that will make you a safer driver.

We often drive around running our errands or going from place to place not thinking about the specifics of how we drive. Telematics devices monitor this for us, and the feedback we can have by having our driving monitored for us could make us better drivers to avoid car accidents.

Choose a Safe Car, and Keep It Maintained to Avoid Accidents

Keeping up with car maintenance is a must when it comes to avoiding many car accidents. It is important to make sure the brakes and tires are always ready for the road. Also, all the fluids should be maintained.

Not keeping up with these items can bring your car to a halt right in the middle of traffic or just as bad, keep the car from stopping when it should. Regular engine maintenance is important too.

If you are considering buying a new car, some cars are cheaper to insure than others. Looking for accident avoidance devices and built-in rear cameras may be a good idea to add additional help in avoiding accidents.

Make Sure the Driver is in "Good Driving Condition"

Of course being in road-ready condition is not just a must for the vehicle but also for the driver. Keeping eye exams up to date is very important but keeping healthy can also be just as important.

People in good health are generally able to think better and quicker, react faster and are less likely to have a severe health problem while driving. It is also important that the driver is not taking any medications that can cause problems while driving like drowsiness and one should always get plenty of sleep before doing any driving, especially at night.

Avoid In-Car Distractions:

We have all heard about the statistics and dangers of texting and distracted driving, but distracted driving doesn't only involve texting. Try and prepare for your time on the road by making sure that your hone is connected to your car speaker system so that you can talk hands-free if a call comes in during your drive.

If you have children, make sure that they understand that when you're driving, you need to focus on the road, prepare their toys or whatever they may need in advance so that they don't bother you. If something unavoidable happens, like a disagreement comes up while you are driving, consider pulling over and making a habit of not driving when things are distracting you or emotionally worrying you.

This will help you avoid accidents. It seems inconvenient, but it is far less troublesome than spending time dealing with a car accident and will also help avoid injury.

Be a Defensive Driver

This is something that we all have heard from the day of our driving test but it is a good reminder to remember to keep an eye out for what others are doing. If you take a defensive driving course, you will learn many tips and acquire skills to be a better defensive driver.

With weather patterns changing, we often get faced with heavy rainfall or snowstorms, it is a good idea to spend more time learning how to drive safely in these adverse conditions since accidents happen and there are increases in claims when weather conditions are bad and road conditions get affected.

Remembering basics like always keeping a good distance away from other cars is also helpful in avoiding accidents since it gives the driver more reaction time if something goes wrong.