24 Army Medical Job Descriptions and Requirements

Field 68 Medical Careers

med evac

"Medic Up!" When a medically trained professional hears those two words, he/she knows that a member of the group is injured and needs potential emergency medical assistance. Most people think that medics in the military are combat medics, risking life and limb to rescue members of his/her unit. This MOS is 68W - "Sixty Eight Whiskey" medic who sometimes deploys with combat units. But there are many other medical MOS's in the military with options for those who want to serve the medical community in hospitals, laboratories, nursing, dental, veterinary care, and physical therapy, to name a few.

Career Management Field 68 is organized to complete a functional medical system within the Army on base and when deployed abroad. Most people are familiar with the popular TV show MASH (Mobile Army Surgical Hospital), which ran from 1972-1983, and made Army surgical hospital units famous. These hospitals are located close to combat zones. However, the last MASH unit was deactivated in 2006. The replacement of the MASH unit is now called the Combat Support Hospital, which will pull from a majority of the following MOS's to accomplish their mission. 

Below are the Army MOS's that fall into the 68 Career Medical Field:

68A - Biomedical Equipment Specialist

68B- Orthopedic Specialist (add 1304/1110-04)

68C- Practical Nursing Specialist (add 1304/1110-04)

68D - Operating Room Specialist

68E - Dental Specialist

68F- Physical Therapy Specialist (add 1304/1110-04)

68G - Patient Administration Specialist

68H - Optical Laboratory Specialist

68J - Medical Logistics Specialist

68K - Medical Laboratory Specialist

68L- Occupational Therapy Specialist (add 1304/1110-04)

68M - Nutrition Care Specialist

68N- Cardiovascular Specialist (add 1304/1110-04)

68P - Radiology Specialist

68Q - Pharmacy Specialist

68R - Veterinary Food Inspection Specialist

68S - Preventive Medicine Specialist

68T - Animal Care Specialist

68U- Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) Specialist (add 1304/1110-04)

68V - Respiratory Specialist

68W - Health Care Specialist

68X - Behavioral Health Specialist

68Y- Eye Specialist (add 1304/1110-04)

68Z - Chief Medical NCO

As you can see there are more jobs in the medical community than the combat medic in the military. The Health Care Specialist (68W) is just one of 24 options that are part of the military medical team. 

The Health Care Specialist (combat medic) is primarily responsible for providing emergency medical treatment, limited primary care and health protection and evacuation from a point of injury or illness. These soldiers are often called "combat medics" in the Army and Air Force because some Soldiers and Airmen in this job are assigned to deploy with combat units and provide emergency medical treatment directly on the battlefield. Other Heath Care Specialists are assigned to military hospitals and clinics to assist doctors and nurses with the health care needs of patients.

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