Army Enlisted Job Descriptions

Special Forces Assistant Operations and Intelligence Sergeant - MOS 18F

Basic Job Description

Note: This is not an entry-level job.

Employs conventional and unconventional warfare tactics and techniques in intelligence collection and processing. Trains and maintains proficiency in all major duties. Provides tactical and technical guidance to the Detachment Commander, indigenous and allied personnel. Plans, organizes, trains, advises, assists and supervises indigenous and allied personnel on collection and processing of intelligence information.

Performs intelligence and operational duties when task organized in preparation (isolation) for special missions and during operations. Writes operation plans and combat orders, and supporting annexes. Conducts briefings, briefba-cks and debriefings. Establishes intelligence nets, conducts agent handling and prepares agent reports within the operational area. Capable of establishing identify through fingerprinting. Processes prisoners of war, writes and establishes security plan and performs decurity duties. Maintains all classified documents in the operational area and establishes destruction and evacuation plans. Provides area specialist assistance to the detachment, SF, U.S. Army, system services and other agencies.

Training Information

10 weeks, 0 days at Fort Bragg, NC

ASVAB Score Required: N/A

Security Clearance: Secret

Strength Requirement: N/A

Physical Profile Requirement: 323222.

Other Requirements

  • Must previously qualify as 18B, 18C, 18D, or 18E
  • Must be a graduate of Advanced NCO course.
  • Must be a US Citizen

Similar Civilian Occupations

There is no civilian occupation that is directly equivalent to MOS 18F. However, the following civilian occupations make use of the skills developed through MOS 18F training and experience.

  • Business Operations Specialists
  • Operations Research Analysts