Are You Getting a Married Discount on Car Insurance?

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Marriage comes with a lot of benefits. Did you know saving money on car insurance could be one of them? That is right, a discount just for being married. Why would that warrant a discount? Well, statistics show that married people are less likely to be injured in a car accident.

Insurance carriers love statistics. Any factor they think might impact the probability of loss will be used as a rating tool. Maybe it is not too far of a stretch to say a married couple is more responsible and or cautious on the roadways. You also might say young singles and recently divorced individuals are more likely to be out bar hopping and acting restlessly. Of course it is stereotyping, but unfortunately, quite a few car insurance discounts are based on stereotypes a.k.a. statistics.

Who Offers a Married Discount?

Marriage car insurance discounts are offered by multiple insurance carriers. However, it is also based on where you live. Discounts can vary based on which state you reside.

How Do I Get the Married Discount?

Most insurance carriers will take your word for it, no marriage certificate required. True, your spouse will need to be listed on the policy. That should automatically add the married discount. Many carriers include civil unions but with new equality in marriage laws its kind of irrelevant. 

Do I Need the Married Discount?

Don't panic if your insurance carrier does not offer the discount. Always remember it is how much you pay, not how many discounts you receive. It is important to make certain you receive all the discounts you are entitled to receive. Also, you should shop around every few years to make sure you are paying a competitive rate. Check your discounts by calling your car insurance agent or by looking through your policy paperwork.

Can I Get a Married Discount on My Motorcycle Policy?

Yes! Actually, you might have better luck finding this discount on your motorcycle policy. As you can imagine motorcycle injuries can be very severe. And statistics show that a married motorcyclist has less risk of injury than those single riders. More insurance carriers have built this discount into their motorcycle policies than auto policies.

Look Beyond the Married Discount

Combining insurance with your spouse can get you more discounts than just the married discount. The savings of the married discount is often fairly minimum. Just because it is a small discount does not mean you should overlook it. Car insurance is expensive enough and you deserve every possible discount allowed. Some of the best discounts include multi-policy and multi-car discounts. These are the discounts you need to get significant savings.