Are You Driving Your Modeling Agent Crazy?

Are You Driving Your Modeling Agent Crazy
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The relationship between a model and their agent is a VERY important one. A positive relationship is beneficial for both the model and their agent, as a model’s success means an agent’s success as well. Modeling agents work tirelessly to find great jobs for their models so models can achieve the kind of success they’ve always dreamed about. While your agent is working to find you jobs, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure you aren’t driving them absolutely NUTS!

 So, here’s a list of things you might or might not be doing of which your agent wants you to be aware!  

You Don’t Accept Criticism

Your modeling agent is doing their best to establish and grow your career, and part of doing this is helping you grow as a model. When agents give you feedback it is in your best interest to listen to what they have to say rather than dismissing it. Your agent's feedback is meant to help you book more jobs, so at the very least, it’s something you should consider. When they give you tips or ideas for things to work on, consider it constructive criticism meant to propel your career, rather than harsh criticism meant to break you down.

You Are Hard to Track Down

Your agent will often have big news for you. Whether it’s about potential jobs, booking updates, or other things related to your modeling career, it’s important they can quickly and easily get a hold of you.

That means – when they call, you answer, (or text or email or however you communicate). Or, if you can’t answer right away, you get back to them as soon as possible. Not only is it frustrating for your agent trying to track you down, but you might also miss out on great modeling opportunities at the same time.

Being difficult to get in touch with signals a lack of professionalism, and no agent wants to work with a model that can’t be professional! 

You Are High Maintenance

As a model you are a self-employed independent contractor, you are not an employee of the agency. Therefore, as the operator of your own small business, it is up to you to know certain things, such as: how to operate a computer, smartphone, laptop, or tablet; how to send and upload photos to your agency or social media; keep track of your vouchers and invoices, have your taxes in order, keep track of your appointments and bookings. These are things you need to know. It is not your agent's job to teach you how to operate computer programs or to constantly remind you where your appointments are or that you need to submit your modeling vouchers to the accounting department. When an agent needs to micro-manage you it is taking time away from them getting you the bookings you want.  

You Are Never On Time 

ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS BE ON TIME! Your agent has worked very hard to get you the jobs they do, and if you show up late to these jobs, auditions, or go-sees, it is incredibly disrespectful to your agent and whoever has hired you.

While, in many ways, your agent is responsible for representing YOU, when you’re at jobs or auditions they have booked for you, you’re a representation of them. Timeliness is an absolute must for models! Not only are you disrespecting your agent by showing up late, but you're also embarrassing yourself and demonstrating your lack of professionalism which will make it harder and harder for you to find modeling work. 

You Change Your Appearance Without Consulting Your Agent

If you’ve recently had new headshots taken or you have just booked a modeling job, it’s imperative you don’t make dramatic alterations to your looks without consulting your agent. If you no longer look like your headshots, you will have to have new ones taken, so you’re accurately represented for potential jobs. Similarly, if you have just booked a job but have not yet completed it, you must maintain your looks from the time of booking the job, unless otherwise specified.

If you have hair half way down your back when you book, for example, a catalog modeling job, getting a pixie haircut without first consulting with your agent could be a deal-breaker, and you’ll lose the job. This will drive not only YOU crazy but your agent as well!