What to Look for in Applicant Answers to Interview Questions

Answers to Common Job Interview Questions for Employers

Sample interview questions help you identify what you want to ask your job applicants during your interviews. These interview question answers discuss the types of responses that you are seeking to these questions from your job applicants.

While there are no perfect answers to interview questions, these interview question answers identify characteristics of good responses. They will help you identify the candidates who are the most qualified for your job.

They will also help you identify the candidates who appear to be a good cultural fit within your organization. 

Applicant answers to interview questions range from the way-too-rehearsed response that sounds canned to the natural, unrehearsed, refreshing, personality-revealing response you seek. How you, as an employer, interpret what the candidate said will help you decide on your finalist for the position before you make a job offer.

Applicant Answers to Interview Questions About Cultural Fit

Here's what you need to listen for in applicant answers to interview questions about cultural fit.
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Do you hire employees based on your assessment of their answers to interview questions? These interview question answers help you understand whether your candidate will work well within your organizational cultural.

If you don't assess your candidates' cultural fit, you are missing a critical opportunity to determine whether the prospective employee will work successfully in your company.

Use these interview question answers about cultural fit as guidance and a starting point to understand and assess your candidates' answers to your interview questions. More

Applicant Answers to Interview Questions About Management

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Selected Candidates Are Professional in Appearance and Behavior. Michael DeLeon/E+/Getty Images

The interview questions you ask, and the interview question answers your candidate supplies, are crucial to your assessment of the candidate’s knowledge, experience, and potential cultural fit within your organization.

Hiring a manager or supervisor presents a special challenge because of the impact an individual in a leadership role has within your organization. These interview question answers will help you identify your most qualified candidates for further consideration. More

Applicant Answers to Interview Questions About Motivation

You ask interview questions about motivation so you can assess your candidate's answers for fit.
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Motivation ranks high as a desirable characteristic or attribute in the employees you hire. But, how do you spot true motivation during a job interview?

The interview questions that you ask help identify a potentially motivated employee. These interview question answers about motivation give you the types of responses that you seek from an employee who will exhibit motivation in your workplace.

Use these interview question answers to assess the candidate's motivation and her ability to contribute to a work environment in which others will choose to be motivated, too. More