4 Ways the Apple Watch Will Change Business and Marketing

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images North America

By now, we are all aware of the Apple Watch, its April 24, 2015, launch, and the features that take it beyond the basic timekeeping function of yesteryear.

It's all well and good that people can do so much from the top of their wrist, but from a marketing perspective, will the Apple Watch be a real game-changer? Will the introduction of hi-tech watches and other wearable devices usher in a new era in product/service promotion?

As an Internet Marketer, reaching prospects and customers is paramount. Apple Watch is arguably the next step in the technology paradigm that has briskly evolved from mainframe to desktop to laptop (tablet, notepad etc.) to smartphone to wearable in barely three (3) generations.

Here are some of the ways that the Apple Watch and similar gadgets may alter how marketers interact with their prospects and customers:

Cross-promotion of Apple iPhone, Watch Applications

Up to now, marketers only had to promote their smartphone apps as part of their mobile marketing strategy. Not anymore. Thanks to the Apple Watch, software developers will be hard at work making unique apps that are adapted to a new, miniature reality (i.e. smaller screen, no keyboard, lack of camera, etc.). The size of the Apple Watch screen may also further define mobile email marketing best practices.

Given that Apple Watch requires the presence of iPhone 5 or later versions to work, there will be a necessary cross-synergy and co-existence between wearable and smartphone in the beginning (iPhone: video display, typed messages, reading; Apple Watch: notifications, music and receives short user input).

Therefore, use your established iPhone app customer base to introduce Apple Watch apps.

Getting more into Social Media

Apple Inc. deliberately and successfully targets the world's most tech-savvy and social media-active people. That's why it's easy to predict that the Apple Watch will increase use of popular social websites, especially since it literally puts Twitter and Facebook at your wrist.

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That being said, Internet Marketers must learn to tailor their messages for even smaller screens than before. For the most part, it means more effort towards shorter communications like pictures and quick updates. Conversely, you may have to cut down on article writing and videos.  “Watch” aficionados won't have time for detailed replies, but can add credibility to your campaigns through 'Likes', pluses ('+'s) and quick retweets.

Ditching the Credit Card in Favor of Apple Pay

Although Near-Field Communication (NFC) technology is not yet common amongst retailers, a successful Apple Watch marketing campaign will encourage them to cater to people – especially youths – who increasingly making purchases with wireless payment processors.  

Apple Pay and the Passport Application (used to store payment information as well as coupon, ticket, loyalty card, boarding pass information) are tailor made for both the iPhone 6 and the Apple Watch. It will usher in the “Apple Pay Accepted Here” era that will compete with Interac, PayPal and traditional credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express etc.).

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Apple Watch Helps Online Entrepreneurs (and their Customers) Get Healthier

You can't go wrong by marketing healthy lifestyles, so if you are in the ultra-competitive Fitness and Nutrition niche, think of ways Apple Watch's workout features and your own apps can be used to make people healthier and happier.

Companies welcome anything that reduces absenteeism and health care claims, so try customizing your apps and reap the benefits that spring from happy customers and fit employees.


The best marketers in the world aren't necessarily the ones who are the most intelligent or have the biggest budgets. More often than not, they are the ones with the vision to take advantage of new technology and fresh “out of the box” thinking. Tailoring at least part of your marketing efforts towards the Apple Watch can lead the way to greater visibility and recognition as the wearable technology era begins.