Animal Control Officer Certification

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There are several certifications that can enhance the qualifications of an animal control officer, animal cruelty investigator, or humane educator. Here are some of the best-known programs:

Animal Control Training Services

Animal Control Training Services (ACTS) offers a variety of training programs for animal control professionals. ACTS trainers travel to the location where the trainees are located, eliminating the need for travel.

The three- to four-day training courses range from $300 to $500 per student. The host agency receives 2 complimentary registrations for every 10 paid registrations.

East Coast Animal Control Academy

The East Coast Animal Control Academy, presented by Carroll Community College in Maryland, offers a training program for animal control officers. The program is endorsed by the Humane Society of the United States and the Maryland Police & Correctional Training Commission. Applicants must be employed by an animal shelter, humane society, or police department. The course consists of approximately 84 hours of instruction over an 11 day period. The total cost is $1,475. Graduates receive a Continuing Education certificate and credit hours.

Florida Animal Control Association

The Florida Animal Control Association (FACA) offers certification programs for animal control officers at four colleges. ACO certification courses run for 5 days and range from $425 to $485 depending on the hosting institution.

National Animal Control Association

The National Animal Control Association (NACA) offers a certification program through its training academy. The academy is a two level program, with each level consisting of 5 days (40 hours) of instruction. Animal control officers, police officers, and those interested in an animal care and control career are welcome to attend.

Certification (including the required level 1 and 2 courses) costs $1,050.  Additional levels of curriculum are available. Training academy programs are offered throughout the United States.

National Animal Cruelty Investigations School

The National Animal Cruelty Investigations School, founded in 1990, offers a certification program for animal cruelty investigators, animal control officers, police officers, and other interested members of the community. The program has been featured on the Discovery Channel. There are three week-long components (40 hours each) that must be completed for certification as a humane investigator. Tuition ranges from $600 to $650 per week. Partial scholarships ($300) may be available through the ASPCA.

New Jersey Certified Animal Control Officers Association

The New Jersey Certified Animal Control Officers Association (NJCACOA) offers its basic certification course through the Career Development Institute. The class meets once each week for a total of 15 weeks and includes at least 45 hours of instruction. Some colleges also offer the course, where it results in 3 college credit hours. A list of participating colleges is available on the NJCACOA website.

Society of Animal Welfare Administrators

The Society of Animal Welfare Administrators (SAWA) offers the Certified Animal Welfare Administrator (CAWA) certification program to all animal welfare professionals.

The program is only available to members of the organization; see website for latest fees. Continuing education credit hours are required to maintain certification in the CAWA program.

Texas Academy of Animal Control Officers

The Texas Academy of Animal Control Officers (TAACO) offers a certification course for animal control officers, animal cruelty investigators, and animal care technicians. The four week (130 hour) course awards 2 state certifications and 14 certificates of completion in specific aspects of the animal control field. The course is offered at a cost of $4,950. They also offer a Basic Animal Care Tech (BACT) certification, a 4.5 day (36 hour) introductory course that covers shelter management and animal care topics. A wide variety of continuing education courses are also available.