Andy Smith

Financial Planning, Investing, Personal/Auto/Home Loans, Mortgages, Personal Finance, Real Estate, Retirement, Taxes
Financial Planner and Realtor
Rivier University, University of South Carolina, College for Financial Planning


  • Member of The Balance's Financial Review Board.
  • Expert financial manager, analyst and investor for 35+ years. Education and work experience in financial analysis, personal and corporate finance, real estate and teaching. 
  • Self-employed consultant, Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and licensed realtor; more than 10 years full-time teaching experience in leadership, management and finance related courses. 


Andy has a wide range of experience with a diverse range of technical skills in financial planning and analysis, cost estimating, forecasting, budgeting and program management. Andy held many leadership positions throughout his career in the United States Air Force within the Air Force financial management and policy analysis communities, from hands-on analyst to senior leadership as a squadron commander and Chief Financial Officer (CFO).

After his military career, Andy embarked on second career as a consultant, educator, realtor and financial planner. In eight years as a finance lecturer at the University of Denver Andy taught various financial concepts (time value of money, risk vs. return) and analytical tools (capital budgeting, financial statement analysis and forecasting for valuation). When teaching students or advising clients on personal finances or real estate, Andy believes it is imperative to break down complex concepts and making them understandable, even to someone with no background in the topic. This ability to synthesize data and facts into actionable solutions (similar to a solid financial plan or investment strategy) was reinforced through his academic and practical experiences.


Andy received his MBA from Rivier University, his Master’s in Personal Financial Planning from the College for Financial Planning, and his Bachelor’s from the University of South Carolina in Real Estate and Finance.