The Top Android Apps for Tracking Time and Expenses

There are some great options for Android phone or tablet users who are looking for time and expense tracking apps. These apps are designed for anyone who does project work, such as freelancers, contractors, and consultants, whether they work in an office or are more often out on the client's site.

The time tracking features help to ensure that professionals are paid for all the time working on a project, with a way to document that work with notes and photos. Billable expenses can be tracked as well. One of the apps, TimeClock, has an optional invoicing module and all can export data for use in spreadsheets or with ‚Äčaccounting software.

Timesheet - Time Tracker

Timesheet is a colorful yet clean looking free Android app for tracking time and expenses that make it really enjoyable to use. Enter your projects then select one from the Projects list and start tracking your time with any breaks you take.

When you finish working on that project, stop the timer and you will be able to enter information about the work you just completed. The Projects list shows the total time you've spent on each one. The notes you enter can be text or an image.

Each individual project has a Details, Tasks and Statistics tab. The Details include client information, the amount of time worked on the project, the amount you would bill at that point and any expenses you've entered.

Tasks are created with a date and details about activities done within the task and the time it took to complete the task. You'll find a progress graph under the Statistics tab that shows cumulative time over the dates a project was worked on along with some averages.

Projects can be automatically backed up to the SD card in your Android device or to Dropbox, and data can be exported for selected projects, all projects and over a specific time period in XLS or CSV format for use with Excel or other spreadsheets or databases. Timesheet does not have an invoicing module.

Timesheet offers location tracking and a feature that's in beta that lets you assign a specific wifi network to a project. When your Android connects to or disconnects from that network, the time tracking starts and stops automatically. This app is available in 17 languages and has widget support.

Cost: Free, developer offers a couple of add-on apps for .99 cents each
Download from Google Play: Timesheet - Time Tracker

TimeClock - Time Tracker

TimeClock for Android tracks billable hours, non-hourly billable items, mileage, and expenses, and has an optional module for creating invoices. This app has every feature I can think of that is needed for tracking projects hours and expenses, and it's very easy to use.

Select a client and a project and you'll see top tabs for entering and managing time records and expenses. Track hours real time by clicking on the Now button. If you forget to start tracking hours while you're working, click on Specify Time and set the start time for the project. The timer continues to keep time even if you turn off your phone, hours can be entered manually if you forget to start the time altogether and all details in each time record can be edited.

Notes are easily entered as you track your time or later. To save time, you can set up predefined notes and reuse them by selecting them from a list. Mileage can be entered as the total miles driven, or by entering odometer start and end miles to get a calculation of total miles and the amount to be invoiced. Enter expenses as needed, or select a predefined recurring expense to save on data entry.

To safeguard your data, you can back up to your Android mobile device's SD card, export data as CSV or HTML and send via email or export to Dropbox or Google Drive. Another option is to use a free TimeClock Connect online account for automatic backups to the cloud. With TimeClock Connect, you can view your data online, which is often easier than viewing a lot of records on your phone. However, you can use the mobile app along with the online service.

Another way TimeClock Connect is used is to generate invoices (invoices are not created on the mobile device). The invoice feature is $5 per month to bill as often as needed, and there's a 30-day free trial.

Generating invoices is a simple procedure where TimeClock Connect finds time and expenses that haven't been billed for and presents these expenses for approval before creating a PDF invoice that can be printed or emailed to the client directly from TimeClock Connect. Your company logo can be added to the invoice, and payments can be tracked in the online app as well.

There is a free TimeClock version that you can use to get an idea of how the app works with up to three clients and projects and no CSV or HTML export. There's also a 48-hour refund policy on the paid version.

Cost: $6.99
Download from Google Play: TimeClock - Time Tracker or limited free version, TimeClock Free - Time Tracker

Time Tracker

If you just want to track time and don't need to record expenses, then check out Time Tracker, an Android app that exports data to QuickBooks accounting software, CSV for spreadsheets and HTML for viewing in a web browser. Reports can be sent via email, Dropbox or Google Drive in these formats as well.

Time Tracker's colorful interface looks like it was inspired by Google, and the app has a timer that can be paused, time can be entered manually, there are a great set of reports in the app and it works with 37 currencies. If you currently have clients, projects or tasks in an app or software that lets you export CSV data, these can all be imported into Time Tracker to save time on data entry.

Data can be backed up to your Android mobile device's SD card or can be emailed or backed up in the cloud to Dropbox. The data restore feature works from the SD card or Dropbox. Time Tracker has a colorful interface and is easy to use.

Cost: $2.99
Download from Google Play: TimeClock Free - Time Tracker