Andrew Hecht

  • Writings and analysis can be found on numerous market-based websites including Seeking Alpha and CQG
  • Lectures at colleges and universities
  • Has contributed to Traders Magazine and Barron's
  • Hosts a biweekly radio show, The Commodities Hour with Andy Hecht, on Tuesdays and Thursdays on 


Andrew Hecht is a former writer for The Balance who covered investing and commodities. Over the last three decades, he's researched, structured, and executed some of the largest trades ever made involving significant quantities of precious metals and bulk commodities.

Hecht consults for companies involved in producing, consuming, and trading commodities. He spent more than two decades on the trading desk of Phillip Brothers, which ultimately became part of Citigroup. He went on to work with a number of banks, hedge funds, and traders in the world of commodities. 

Hecht has worked directly with the United Nations and with the legendary trading group, Phibro.

Awards and Publications


Hecht earned his Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Literature from State University of New York at Albany.

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