headshot of Andrea Idso

Andrea Idso

Writing, Editing, Personal Finance, Life Insurance, Car Insurance, Mortgages, Investing, Loans
Whitworth University, Western Governors University, Simon Fraser University


  • Professional editor for financial websites and nonfiction books
  • Extensive background in writing, editing, secondary education, and higher education
  • Qualified editor with certification from Simon Fraser University


Andrea Idso copy edits travel memoirs and nonfiction books, including Lorna Stuber's "Debt-Free at Forty-Three: How I Achieved Financial Freedom in My 40s Through Smart Saving, Spending, and Investing." Since April 2021, she has worked as an editor and copy editor for The Balance, editing and fact-checking personal finance articles on life insurance, car insurance, mortgages, investing, loans, and more.


Andrea has a bachelor of arts in English (writing) and a bachelor of arts in communications studies from Whitworth University; a master of arts in teaching from Western Governors University; and an editing certificate from Simon Fraser University. She was named "Queen of Thoroughness and Accuracy" by her colleagues at The Whitworthian newspaper.