Amex Adds Cellphone Coverage to 12 Premium Credit Cards

Woman holding iPhone and an American Express Business Platinum card.

Rob Longert

Introducing what’s still a fairly uncommon credit card perk to its lineup, American Express is adding cellphone insurance to 12 premium consumer and small business credit cards.

If a phone is stolen or damaged, eligible cardholders who have charged their cellphone bill to their cards can be reimbursed for qualifying repair or replacement costs (up to $800 per claim minus a $50 deductible),  American Express said Monday. The benefit, which doesn’t cover pay-as-you-go phones or lost devices, will be available beginning April 1. 

Despite the popularity of top-dollar smartphones, cellphone insurance isn’t a ubiquitous credit card benefit. Excluding the Amex cards, only about  20 out of more than 300 cards tracked by the Balance offer this perk, and coverage terms vary. 

Amex’s Platinum Card, Centurion Card, Delta SkyMiles Platinum American Express Card and Delta SkyMiles Reserve American Express Card are among those getting the new benefit. To qualify, eligible cardholders must have used their card to pay for their bill the month before a claim is submitted. The benefit will cover up to two approved claims per 12-month period, for up to $1,600 for that year.

While $800 might not be enough to totally cover the cost of replacing a brand-new stolen phone, it should more easily cover cellphone damage costs, including cracked screens that impair use of the phone. (Cracks must hinder use of the phone to qualify.) For example, an iPhone 12 Pro Max cracked screen repair that is no longer covered by a manufacturer warranty will set you back $329. 

To confirm whether or not your American Express card will get this feature, call the number on the back of your card or see the Amex benefit guides posted online. 

Cards that will offer this perk on April 1 include: