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American Residential Warranty

American Residential Warranty

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Our Take

American Residential Warranty is one of few home warranty companies that allow homeowners to choose their own contractors to complete repairs if their appliances of home systems break down. The company offers plans starting at just $25 per month and has a solid rating from the BBB and a 4.5-star rating from customers.

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  • Key Takeaways
  • Specifications
Pros and Cons
  • Offers coverage for electronics

  • 30-day money-back guarantee

  • You can use your own licensed contractor

  • Competitive payout caps

  • Competitive pricing; plans start at $24.99 per month

  • Warranty only covers 20 items and systems (which is less than others)

  • Can be confusing to know which of their partners you are working with

Key Takeaways
  • Several coverages are available that you can’t get elsewhere, such as electronics coverage 
  • Homeowners can choose their own contractor 
  • ARW offers coverage in all states except California, Virginia, Florida, Iowa, Washington, and Texas 
  • ARW will send a technician with 48 hours—24 if it’s an emergency  
  • ARW’s service fees start at just $55 
  • Year Founded 1946
  • Coverage Nationwide (excluding California, Virginia, Florida, Iowa, Washington, and Texas).
  • Customer Service 24/7/365 online or by telephone 800-910-8538
  • Waiting Period 30 days
  • Contractor Network Network of licensed contractors. Customers may also use their own licensed contractor with pre-approval.
  • Service Recall Period Labor guarantee of 30 days. Parts guarantee of 60 days.
  • Number of Plans 6
  • Coverage Limit $5,000 annual cap (extensions to cap available upon request). Other caps apply (see payout cap section above).
  • Contract Length 12 months
  • Payment Options The company reserves the right to provide a replacement or reimbursement towards the cost of replacement in lieu of service.
  • Cost Trade service call fee $55. Plans range from $24.99 to $109.99 per month.
  • Official Website

American Residential Warranty (ARW) has been providing home warranty plans since 1946 and has a favorable reputation within the home warranty industry. It provides some coverage options not offered by most home warranty providers such as electronics coverage.

In addition to offering electronics coverage, we also like the fact that ARW allows you to choose your own licensed contractor (or you can use one of its licensed service technicians if you prefer).           

We reviewed the coverage offered by ARW to help you decide if it offers the right protection for your unique home repair needs. We considered plan options, pricing, exclusions, payout caps, BBB rating, and more.  

Company Overview

American Residential Warranty was founded in 1946 with the company headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida. It provides coverage for home warranties, electronics protection, and home security systems. (The electronics protection plan offered by ARW is provided through Asurion. Security system installation is provided through their partnership with SafeStreets.) Company partners include AIG Warranty, AmTrust Financial, Lowe’s, Asurion, ADT, and GE Appliances. ARW offers six total plans (with optional coverage add-ons) in all states except California, Virginia, Florida, Iowa, Washington, and Texas.

Homeowner & Real Estate Plans 

American Residential Warranty’s homeowner and real estate plans offer the same coverage but are just sold at different stages of homeownership or purchasing. Home warranty plans cover repairs needed for your appliances or home systems due to normal wear and tear. ARW offers six plans for homeowners and real estate professionals: Heating & Cooling, Kitchen Plus, Platinum, Platinum Premier, 3-in-1 Bundle, and 4-in-1 Bundle. You can also add coverage for your electronics through ARW's Ultimate Electronics Protection add-on coverage.

ARW offers coverage for electronics that homeowners can’t find anywhere else.

Homeowner coverage is for those who are not in the process of buying or selling a home. Plans for real estate professionals allow them to provide protection to homebuyers against needed repairs discovered after the purchase. All plans have optional coverage add-ons that are available for an additional fee. This is a waiting period of 30 days for all coverage to begin.

Coverage Heating & Cooling Kitchen Plus Platinum Platinum Premier 3-in-1 Bundle 4-in-1 Bundle
Central air conditioning  
Washer & dryer
Central home heating  
Interior electrical system  
Built-in microwave
Garbage disposal
Kitchen Exhaust fan
Water heater
Plumbing system      
Garage door opener      
Refrigerator icemaker      
Ceiling fans      
Deluxe Advantage*        
Ultimate Electronics Protection**        
Sewer & water lines          

*Deluxe Advantage includes: 

  • A/C refrigerant and coils
  • Refrigerant recapture
  • Plumbing faucets and fixtures
  • Toilets and internal mechanisms
  • Improper installation
  • Mismatched systems
  • Garage door springs/tracks

**Ultimate Electronics Protection includes (certain limits and exclusions apply):

  • Flat-screen TVs
  • Home theater system
  • Desktops/laptops
  • Tablets
  • Gaming consoles
  • Printers
  • Hand-held gaming devices

Optional add-on coverage (if not already included in your plan):

  • A/C advantage: Includes refrigerant replacement and repair of leaking coils
  • Plumbing advantage: Covers faucets, internal parts, and wax seals on toilets
  • Deluxe Advantage (available for Platinum Premier Plan only)
  • Food spoilage
  • Well pump: Includes well replacement and the cost of digging up the well
  • External water or sewer lines: Includes unblocking lines, excavation costs, re-seeding grass, re-paving driveway
  • Water heater (available with Platinum Premier, Platinum, and Kitchen plus) 
  • Additional refrigerator or freezer
  • Additional range/oven/cooktop
  • Clothes washer and dryer
  • Additional air conditioner
  • Ice-maker (included with Platinum Premier)
  • Plumbing system (included with Platinum Premier)
  • Ceiling fans (included with Platinum Premier)
  • Pool and spa


Exclusions were obtained from the company's terms and conditions page. The amount of exclusions is not excessive compared to other home warranty providers.

  • Built-in microwave: Countertop units, door glass, clocks, rotisseries, interior linings, or cosmetic issues such as scratches, dents, or chipping.
  • Kitchen exhaust fan: Rooftop exhaust units, filters, or cosmetic issues such as scratches, dents, or chipping.
  • Ceiling fans: Remote transmitter units, light fixtures on ceiling fans, removable attachments, and wall fans. 
  • Range/oven/cooktop: Clocks, meat probe assemblies, rotisseries, racks, handles, knobs, sensi-temp burners, or cosmetic issues such as scratches, dents, chipping, or breakage of an oven door or glass/ceramic cooktop.
  • Dishwasher: Baskets, rollers, racks, or cosmetic issues such as scratches, dents or chipping.
  • Range hood: Rooftop exhaust units, filters, or cosmetic issues such as scratches, dents or chipping.
  • Garage door opener: Cables, springs, handles, wheels, wheel track, track assembly, doors, hinges, remote transmitters, frequency interference, lights, or exterior-mounted keypads.
  • Refrigerator (including ice maker): Chilled water dispenser and respective parts, food spoilage, media centers, or cosmetic issues such as scratches, dents or chipping, springs, hinges, liners, baskets, racks, rollers, handles, or shelves.
  • Garbage disposal: Any damage or failure resulting from bones or foreign objects.
  • Whole-house humidifier: Portable room humidifiers, wicks, filters, demineralization cartridges, UV light bulbs, and bacteria treatment additives or cosmetic issues such as scratches, dents or chipping.
  • Water heater: Solar water heaters, oil-fired water heaters, secondary holding or storage tanks, anode rods, noise, thermal expansion tanks, fuel storage tank, heat recovery units, flues, piping, insulation, or T&P discharge lines.
  • Central home heating system: Solar heating systems, fireplaces, chimneys, heat lamps, fuel storage tanks, liners, registers, grills, timers, flues and vents, filters, improperly sized heating systems, expansion tanks, free-standing or portable heat units, any parts related to geothermal or water source heat pumps, or pellet stoves.
  • Interior electrical system: Fixtures, attic or whole house exhaust fans, doorbells, intercom systems, alarm systems, central vacuum systems, audio/video/computer wiring or cable, direct current wiring and systems, exterior wiring and components, telephone wiring, inadequate wiring capacity, power failure/shortage or power surge, low voltage systems, load control devices, electrical generation systems, solar electrical systems, timers, touchpad assemblies, remote controls, or any damage or failure caused by circuit overload.
  • Plumbing system: Fixtures, all piping and plumbing outside of the perimeter of the foundation or below the foundation of the covered residence, bathtubs, gas lines, caulking or grouting, toilets and all toilet parts, holding and pressure tanks, jet pumps, laundry tubs, lawn sprinkler systems, pressure regulating devices, conditions of excessive or insufficient water pressure, exterior hose bibs, water supply lines to a refrigerator, any repairs necessary in order to access interior lines or pipes, and for stoppages: any damage or failure caused by roots, collapsed, broken or damaged lines located outside the confines of the main foundation of the covered residence (regardless of proximity to 100 ft access point), access of drain or sewer lines from roof vents, removal of a toilet, and costs associated with locating, accessing, or installing a ground-level cleanout. 
  • Central air conditioning system: Gas systems, baseboard casings, coils, line driers, portable units, registers, grills, clocks, timers, flues and vents, condenser casings, portable electric air cleaners, filters, humidifiers, service valves, driers, refrigerant, refrigerant line sets, freon reclamation, belts, wiring, wiring harness, circuit breakers, drains, primary and secondary drain pans, drain line stoppages, roof jacks or stands, chilled water systems, unit accessories, improperly sized home cooling systems, or wall units that are not ducted as designed and intended by the manufacturer. ductwork: insulation, anything related to asbestos, registers, grills, dampers, improperly sized ductwork, diagnostic or leak location testing to ductwork (including that which may be required by law, regulation, ordinance or code, and that which may be required due to the installation or replacement of system equipment), ductwork outside the perimeter of the covered residence or respective crawl space, collapsed or crushed ductwork, ductwork damaged by moisture, animal inhabitation or insect infestation, or obstructed or inaccessible ductwork (obstructions include, but are not limited to: walls, floors, ceilings, built-in appliances, systems, and cabinets).
  • Clothes washing machine: Removable mini-tubs or buckets, soap dispensers, filters and filter screens, knobs and dials, clothing damage, water flow restrictions due to mineral deposits, drawers, or cosmetic issues such as dents or scratches. 
  • Clothes dryer: Venting, knobs and dials, clothing damage, lint filters, and lint screens, dryer cabinet, fragrance compartment, humidity center, or cosmetic issues such as dents or scratches. 
  • Swimming pool/spa: Seals and hoses, automatic dispensers for chemicals, lights, liners, structural defects, solar equipment, jets, ornamental fountains, waterfalls and respective pumping systems, covers and respective parts or equipment, filters, remote control systems, freon reclamation, built-in or detachable cleaning equipment including pool sweeps, pop-up heads, turbo valves, skimmers, chlorinators and ionizers, fuel storage tanks, or disposable filtration mediums.
  • External water line system: Main shut-off residence valve, blockages, water taps, pressure reducing valve, booster pump, meter pit frame or cover, curb valve, curb box adapter and/or cover (unless owned by you), lawn or fire sprinkler systems, any leaks inside the residence beyond the main shut-off valve in the home, sod, shrubbery, landscaping, flowerbeds, trees or mulch that must be moved in order to repair a service leak or perform other work (such will be replaced with grass seed).
  • Well pump system: Well casings, pressure tanks, piping or electrical lines to or that connect the well pump with your residence, holding or storage tanks, re-drilling of wells.
  • A/C Advantage: Replacement of the a/c unit, including heat pump, and all other exclusions listed in the applicable “base coverage plan” or “optional upgrade” that provides coverage for your central air conditioning system. 

Payout Caps

American Residental Warranty’s payout caps differ according to the plan and item covered. The aggregate payout (the maximum amount the company will provide) per contract term for all covered items and systems is $5,000. Payout caps listed below are per contract term unless otherwise stated. The value of the payout caps is about the same as some other home warranty providers but the number of payment caps that exist is less than many others we’ve reviewed.

Item Payout Cap
Plumbing system $500
External sewer line system $2,500
External water line system $2,500
Well pump system $1,000
A/C refrigerant and coils $500
Central home air conditioning $1,000

Repair Time

The company will dispatch a repair technician to your home to complete repairs within 48 hours from the time you report the claim. ARW will expedite emergency repair services by attempting to have a service technician to your home within 24 hours. 

The company defines emergency repairs service as “a breakdown (or suspected breakdown) of your covered product or covered system that affects the safe inhabitability of your covered residence; including, the breakdown of a central home air conditioning covered system or central home heating covered system when the temperature outside the covered residence exceeds 90 degrees Fahrenheit or drops below 40 degrees Fahrenheit; respectively.”

Customer Service/Claims

You can contact ARW for customer service or billing questions by calling 888-711-4103. For claims, call 844-885-8621 or submit your claim online. There is also a dedicated line for sales, 888-346-1326.

ARW has received complaints through the BBB, but typically responds to complaints within two days. 

BBB Rating

American Residential Warranty has an “A+” rating with the BBB. It is not an accredited business but does have a 4.44 out of 5-star rating based on 420 customer reviews. There are a total of 63 complaints listed with the majority under the category of “problems with a product or service.” A sampling of complaints includes problems with repairs not being covered and payouts for claims being for a dollar amount less than what the customer expected to receive. We did notice, however, that the company responded within one to two days to most complaints and in some cases was able to resolve the complaint to the customer’s satisfaction.

Homeowner & Real Estate Plan Pricing

American Residential Warranty allows its customers several flexible payment plan options: monthly, quarterly, or annual. Its homeowner and real estate plans offer the same coverage in all available states and pricing is identical (applicable taxes apply in Florida, New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut). Pricing listed in the chart below is per month.

Heating & Cooling Kitchen Plus Platinum Platinum Premier 3-in-1 Bundle 4-in-1 Bundle
$39.99 $34.99 $49.99 $59.99 $109.99 $124.99

Optional Coverage Pricing

Optional programs and add-on coverages are available for homeowners and real estate plans that do not already include them. Optional coverage pricing is the same for all states. All pricing quoted in the chart below is per month.

Item Price
A/C Advantage $14.99
Plumbing Advantage $9.99
Deluxe Advantage $24.99
Ultimate Electronics Protection $24.99
Food spoilage $4.99
Well pump $14.99
External water or sewer lines $9.99
Water heater $6.99
Additional refrigerator or freezer $6.99
Additional range/oven/cooktop $6.99
Clothes washer & dryer $9.99
Additional air conditioner $14.99
Ice-maker (included with Platinum Premier) $6.99
Plumbing system (included with Platinum Premier) $7.99
Ceiling fans (included with Platinum Premier) $7.99
Pool & spa $23.99

The Competition: American Residential Warranty vs. Super

To help you find the home warranty of most value, we compared the coverage offered by American Residential Warranty versus Super home warranty. We like the number of home systems and components covered by Super Home Warranty (39) compared to ARW (20). However, ARW offers more plans, provides coverage in more states, has cheaper plan pricing, and has a better BBB rating. Considering all the criteria, we believe the home warranty plans by American Residential Warranty are the better deal of the two providers. 

Criteria American Residential Warranty Super Home Warranty
Number of Plans 6 3
Coverage Territory Nationwide (excluding California, Virginia, Florida, Iowa, Washington, and Texas) 5 states and Washington, D.C.
Home Systems/Components Covered 20 39
Pricing $24.99 to $124.99 per month; $586 to $1,388 per year $64 to $119 per month; $729 to $1,399 per year
Workmanship Guarantee 30-days on labor; 60-days on parts 60-day
BBB Rating A+ B
Final Verdict

There are many things to like about American Residential Warranty but there are a few drawbacks. We like ARW’s option to choose your own contractor and its electronics coverage option with plans that are affordable, beginning at only $24.99 monthly and a low trade service fee of $55. The company has an excellent customer service record with an “A+” BBB rating. However, the number of home systems and components covered are lacking compared to other providers. 

The payout caps are competitive and coverage is offered in most states. Unless you have a very large home with extensive home systems and components, we feel ARW offers a variety of plans at affordable prices and will meet the average homeowner’s home repair needs with the level of customer service you expect from a home warranty provider. 


There are several aspects to think about in choosing a home warranty. Our  methodology for reviewing home warranties was developed to help readers pick the plan that works best for them, a quantified scoring system that evaluates plan pricing, exclusions, payout caps, repair times, and terms, comparing them to other carriers across the industry. Third-party ratings and customer satisfaction scores are factored in to help assess an insurer's overall quality and value.

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