American Income Life Insurance Review

Standard life insurance offerings for union workers

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American Income Life Insurance

American Income Life Insurance

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Our Take

American Income Life Insurance offers term and whole life insurance for individuals as well as their children and grandchildren. American Income Life has a long history in the life insurance industry, specializing in policies for members of associations, credit unions, and labor unions. Quotes for policies are not available online and they have received poor customer complaint ratings from the NAIC.

  • Pros and Cons
  • Key Takeaways
  • Specifications
Pros and Cons
  • Local agents in 49 states (not available in New York)

  • Can borrow against cash value of some policies

  • Level premiums on term and whole life policies

  • Strong financial backing of parent company Globe Life

  • Less-than-average customer service rankings with NAIC

  • Cannot get a policy quote online, must talk to a local agent directly

  • Cancellation policies are not publicly available

  • All life insurance claims must be filed by mail

Key Takeaways
  • American Income Life is a long-standing life insurance company (founded in 1951)
  • Policy details are handled by local agents and cannot be found online
  • American Income Life is available in the U.S., Canada, and New Zealand
  • Offers a Child Safe Kit for free, but comes with a pitch for life insurance products
  • Year Founded 1951
  • Kinds of Plans Term, Whole, Child
  • Number of Plans 3
  • Payment Options Monthly
  • Official Website


American Income Life Insurance offers term and whole life insurance policies. We researched American Income Life Insurance’s financial stability, policy plan options, riders, website tools, and customer service reviews to help you compare the life insurance policy options of American Income with the competition.

Company Overview

American Income Life Insurance was founded in 1951 by Bernard Rapoport with a focus on helping provide life insurance products to labor unions. It is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Globe Life, Inc., which is the 18th-largest life insurance company in the U.S. by market share.

American Income Life offers term and whole life insurance policies for all ages. They also offer optional riders for additional coverage. Policy quotes are not available online and require you to talk directly to an agent for an exact quote.

American Income Life Insurance is licensed in all 49 states (excluding New York) but offers coverage for New York residents through their subsidiary National Life Insurance.

Expert Tip

American Income Life Insurance also offers supplement health coverage and alternative insurance products via their special risk division.

Available Plans 

American Income Life Insurance offers term and whole life insurance policies as well as child/grandchild permanent life insurance. Many of the details of these plans are not available on their website but can be obtained over the phone or directly with a local American Income agent.

Term Life Insurance

American Income Life offers term life policies in varying lengths and amounts. Term policies offered by American Income Life are level benefit life insurance coverage that expires at the end of the term. Typical term lengths range from five to 30 years, available in five-year increments, and costs vary depending on age, health, and smoking status.

The coverage amounts and age limits are not publicly disclosed. Please contact an American Income Life agent for more details.

Whole Life Insurance

American Income Life offers whole life insurance that insures policyholders over their lifetime and builds cash value that can be borrowed against if needed. The whole life policy premiums are locked in for the life of the policy, meaning they will not increase even if the policyholder’s health status changes.

The coverage amounts and age limits are not publicly disclosed, so you will need to contact an American Income Life agent for more details.

Head Start Child Life Insurance

American Income Life offers child life insurance as part of their Head Start program. This life insurance policy starts at $25,000 and additional coverage amounts can be purchased up to $150,000 in total coverage. 

This is a form of permanent life insurance that guarantees the policy as long as premiums are paid. It is also a level premium policy, meaning the premiums will never increase regardless of the insured’s health status. 

Qualifying details of this policy must be obtained from an American Income Life agent.

Available Riders

American Income offers access to riders for their life insurance policies. These policy enhancements add additional benefits or custom coverage options to the insurance policies.

Here are the riders available for American Income Life policyholders:

Accelerated Death Benefit Rider With Nursing Home Benefit

The accelerated death benefits pay 50% of the coverage face amount of the policy when the insured is diagnosed with a terminal illness and has a life expectancy of fewer than 12 months (24 months in IL, MA, and WA).

This rider is available to be added at no cost.

Disability Waiver of Premium Rider

If you become totally disabled (unable to work), you may be eligible to have your premiums waived. The length of premium waiver varies by diagnosis and policy.

Customer Service: Email, Phone, or Direct

American Income Life Insurance offers support over the phone, via email, or in person at one of their local offices. Issues regarding your policy should be handled directly with your agent, but issues with online payment or other general customer service questions can be handled over email or by phone with the American Income support team.

American Income Life Insurance customer service business hours are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. CST.


American Income Life Insurance does not offer live chat support online.

Customer Satisfaction: Mixed Reviews  

According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) complaint index, American Income Life receives more complaints than the industry average life insurance company. American Income received a 1.60 rating, which is above the 1.0 average complaint index of life insurance companies. A majority of the complaints are in connection with whole life policies. It has improved over their 2019 score of 1.85 but still receives more complaints than other life insurance companies, relative to market share.

While American Income is not ranked by J.D. Power, their parent company, Globe Life, was second overall in the J.D. Power 2020 U.S. Life Insurance Study. This does not necessarily mean that American Income Life emulates Globe Life’s customer satisfaction, but it bodes well for their overall reputation as a company.

Financial Strength: A (Excellent)

American Income Life Insurance is backed by Globe Life, a strong financial company with an A (Excellent) rating from AM Best. Good financial stability and a high rating from AM Best give customers confidence that their policy benefits will be paid out when they make a claim.


This rating was downgraded in 2020 from a previous A+ (Superior) rating. 

Cancellation Policy: Hard to Find for Most Policies

Most states require a minimum “free-look” period for insurance policies, allowing customers to cancel a policy within that period for a full refund of premiums paid. American Income Life doesn’t advertise their free-look period, so they are most likely adhering to state-regulated minimums for this policy (usually 10 days).

After the free-look period, term life policies typically forfeit premiums paid while whole life may pay out a refund due to the cash value accumulated. This is known as the surrender value of the policy. 


Cancellation fees are not publicly listed and may vary per policy.

Price of American Income Life Insurance: Not Available Online

American Income Life Insurance does not publicly post any prices for their life insurance products. There is no online quoting tool, and prospective customers must get in touch with a local agent to discuss policy options and pricing.

How American Income Life Insurance Compares to Other Life Insurance

American Income Life Insurance offers basic term and whole life insurance, with available riders to customize the plans. The details of their policies and prices are not listed publicly, so it is difficult to give an exact comparison to the competition.

Their customer complaints are higher than average according to the NAIC, but their parent company, Globe Life, scored the second-highest ranking for customer satisfaction in 2020 by J.D. Power.

American Income Life Insurance vs. Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance

American Income and Northwestern Mutual both are in the business of developing customer relationships directly to offer the right life insurance policies for their customers. Both do not offer online quotes, but instead offer education on each type of policy and encourage prospective clients to reach out to a local agent for assistance.

While both companies have some similarities, here are a few key differentiators between the two:

  • Northwestern Mutual offers far more policy options, with 17 total plans available as well as optional riders
  • American Income Life offers life insurance for your children/grandchildren
  • Northwestern Mutual has one of the lowest complaint index scores on NAIC
  • American Income Life offers supplemental health insurance, including coverage for sponsored events with organizations such as 4-H

American Income Life specializes in unions and associations with a history that dates back to 1951, while Northwestern Mutual offers almost every life insurance policy imaginable and provides excellent customer service.

Read our full review of Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance.

  American Income Life Insurance (a subsidiary of Globe Life) Northwestern Mutual  Life Insurance
Market Share 18th-largest in the U.S., 1.52% Second-largest in the U.S., 6.52%
Number of Plans 4 17
Online Quotes Available? No No
Service Method Email, phone, in person Email, phone, in person, chat
AM Best Rating A (Excellent) A++ (Superior)
Complaints Index 1.60  0.05 

Final Verdict

American Income Life Insurance has a long history of providing life insurance products to labor and credit unions in the U.S. and offers reliable coverage with the strong financial backing of Globe Life, Inc. While their policy details and processes are not available online, they have local agents in 49 states that can assist in helping find the right life insurance product for you.

Overall, their customer complaints are on the high side with most of the disputes originating from individual and whole life policies. As with any life insurance product, you should always get multiple quotes to compare rates before signing up.


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