American Collectors Insurance Review

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American Collectors Insurance is a national provider of insurance for collector vehicles. Its insurance products are provided through a network of independent agents, through insurance organization partnerships and directly to consumers. The company also provides coverage for collectible items such as vintage wines, sport memorabilia, stamps, coins and comic books. The company has been in business since 1976 and its headquarters is located in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

The parent company of American Collectors Insurance is a part of Assurant, Inc. and Assurant Specialty Property. Assurant is a Fortune 500 Company traded on the S&P 500 under the symbol, AIZ. It was founded in 1892 and is headquartered in Ney York City. In 2014, Assurant had annual revenue of US$ 10.38 billion.

In the company’s “What we do” statement on its website, American Collectors details what it believes sets them apart from other collectors insurance carriers. The company offers agreed value coverage with a zero deductible and a choice of mileage plans. There is a “real person” guarantee, meaning you will talk to a licensed insurance representative during business hours. The company also has a flexible claims process where you can choose the parts and facility you want to repair your vechile.


Through American Collectors "Collector Community" you can find collectors clubs and collectors events throughout the country. You can also share your own story about your own collector car. ("Selling Your Collector Car - American Collectors Insurance", 2019)

Financial Strength and Customer Service Ratings

The parent company of American Collectors Insurance, Assurant, Inc. has excellent financial strength ratings from these top insurance rating organizations:

·       A.M. Best: “A-“ Excellent

·       Standard & Poor’s: “A-“ Strong

·       Moody’s: “A2” Strong

American Collectors Insurance is not a Better Business Bureau accredited business but it does have an “A+” BBB rating. American Collectors Insurance has a 3 out of 5 star rating on Yelp based on 29 reviews.

Eligibility Requirements

Collector vehicles insured by American Collectors Insurance must:

·       Be driven on a limited basis and not as a daily driver.

·       Not used for racing of Driver’s Education.

·       Kept in an enclosed or locked garage.

Policy Plans

American Collectors Insurance has customizable coverage plans for the following:

·  Collector Vehicles: Collector vehicles are insured on an "agreed value" basis. This means that in the event of a total loss, you are covered for the agreed value with no depreciation minus your deductible amount. There are three mileage plans available depending on how much you plan on driving your vehicles. The plans range from 2,500 miles to 7,500 miles annually. You have coverage while your vehicle is being restored. The inflation guard feature automatically increases your vehicle value up to a maximum of 6%. There is also spare parts coverage, deductible options, higher liability options and automatic coverage for newly acquired vehicles.

·  Rods & Customs: Discounts are available for modified vehicles of $40,000 or higher in value with additional discounts available for vehicles/collections valued over $250,000. Other features include agreed value, zero deductible options, mileage plans up to 7,500, coverage for vehicles in restoration, inflation guard, spare parts coverage and automatic coverage for newly acquired vehicles.

·  Antiques and Collector Motorcycles: The antiques and collector motorcycle policy provides agreed value protection for collector motorcycles (usually over 20 years old) that are used for pleasure or hobby activities. The coverage is not available in NY and in NC only coverage for physical damage. Policy features include inflation guard, automatic coverage for newly acquired vehicles, towing/labor and spare parts coverage.

·  Collectibles: This coverage is for motorcycle collections with agreed value coverage, broad coverage options, inflation guard and automatic coverage for new vehicles. Policy endorsements are available to cover shipping and handling of vehicles.

Emergency Roadside Assistance – TLC Plan

The emergency roadside assistance plan, the TLC Plan, offered by American Collectors Insurance comes in the Platinum, Gold and Silver options and provides payment for these types of assistance:

·  Emergency Towing

·  Roadside Assistance

·  Emergency Lockout

·  Lost Key Return

·  Emergency Travel Expense

·  Car Show Expense

·  Theft Reward

·  Personal Effects

·  Accidental Death & Dismemberment

·  Ambulance Assistance

·  Bail Bond

·  Legal Defense Benefit

·  Trailer Guard

Key Benefits and Service Features

American Collectors Insurance offers attractive benefits and service features. Program features and availability may vary by state.

·  Agreed Value: In the event of a total loss, you will receive an “agreed value” less your deductible.

·  Mileage Plans: Mileage plans are available at 2,500—5,000—or 7,500 miles.

·  Discounts: Discounts for modified vehicles $40,000 or greater and vehicles/collection with a value of over $250,000. A multiple vehicle discount is also available.

·  Inflation Guard: Your vehicle’s value increases automatically up to a maximum of 6% at no additional cost.

·  Automatic Coverage: New classic vehicle purchased during your policy term are covered automatically for 30 days up to a value of $25,000.

·  Spare Parts: This option coverage damage to spare parts for your classic vehicle up to $500 per loss at no additional charge.


If you want to find out what American Collectors Insurance policyholders think of its coverage and service, you can check out the customer testimonials.

Pros & Cons


American Collectors Insurance is backed by its parent company, Assurant, Inc., which has excellent financial strength ratings. Its policy offerings for collectors insurance have attractive benefits and features including agreed value coverage, inflation guard and a zero deductible. For hobbyists, motorcycle enthusiasts and classic collectors, it is an option worth checking into when searching for the best value on an insurance policy for collectors insurance.


The agreed value coverage option is not available in the states of MA, TX or VA.

Contact Information

For more information about obtaining a quote for collector’s insurance or to learn more about all the product offerings available, you can visit the American Collectors Insurance website or call (800) 360-2277, Monday-Friday, 8:30am to 7:00 pm EST & Saturdays, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.