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Consider costs and reputation when choosing the right service

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AMB Credit Consultants

AMB Credit Consultants

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Our Take

Although AMB Credit Consultants has a C rating with the BBB, it comes with higher-than-average costs that might warrant shopping around with other reputable credit repair providers.

  • Pros and Cons
  • Key Takeaways
  • Specifications
Pros and Cons
  • Online enrollment application

  • Couple discounts are available

  • Easy to find hours of operation

  • Excellent Google customer reviews

  • No free credit consultation

  • Higher-than-average overall costs

  • Additional fee for a third-party credit monitoring service is required

  • A poor C rating with the BBB

Key Takeaways
  • AMB Credit Consultants has an easy online application and average time in business.
  • The company offers one simple plan for all of its credit repair services.
  • AMB requires its customers to enroll in monthly credit monitoring with a preferred partner.
  • The company’s hours of operation are readily available, making it easier to get help.
  • AMB has a C rating with the BBB and no recent CFPB complaints.
  • Customer feedback is great, with 4.9-star Google reviews.
  • The company’s overall fees are higher than average.
  • Year Founded Founded in 2007; Incorporated in 2008
  • Average Cost $99 per month
  • Types of Credit Repair Services Available Full credit dispute resolution
  • Monthly Monitoring Options Required from a third-party provider
  • Official Website
  • Customer Support 1-214-764-8381

AMB Credit Consultants, LLC offers a single credit repair plan with a one-time enrollment fee of $149 and a monthly cost of $99. The company also requires its customers to purchase a monthly credit monitoring plan from its preferred partner, IdentityIQ. This means its overall costs are higher than the other credit repair companies we reviewed. 

AMB Credit Consultants has a C rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). It's easy to enroll for its services online, but it may be worth shopping around. This is because you might be able to find comparable services from a provider with a stronger reputation at a lower cost. We considered all of this and more in our review of AMB Credit Consultants.

Company Overview: Online Application and Average Business Duration

AMB Credit Consultants is a privately held credit repair company founded in 2007 and headquartered in Dallas, Texas. The company’s time in business is average compared to the other credit repair companies we reviewed. As a positive, you’re able to sign up for services with AMB via its online application, an option that’s not available with many of the other credit repair companies we reviewed. 

Available Services: One Simple Plan

AMB Credit Consultants offers one simple credit repair plan that includes all the company’s services with a one-time cost of $149 and a monthly fee of $99. You’ll also be required to purchase a monthly credit monitoring plan from AMB’s preferred provider, IdentityIQ. As far as we can tell, the credit monitoring plan will set you back about $29.99 a month. Once you’ve signed up for credit monitoring and enroll in AMB’s services, you’ll be set up for a credit consultation to discuss your credit repair needs and personalized credit repair plan.

After your plan is in place, you’ll be able to challenge any discrepancy in your credit reports with the help of the AMB Credit Consultants Dispute Resolution Team. The members of this team will communicate with the credit bureaus, your lenders, and any collection agencies on your behalf to repair the items that have been identified on your credit reports according to consumer protection laws. 

One of the most significant drawbacks to AMB is that you have to enroll in the company’s services to get your credit consultation. However, the good news is you can cancel your contract with AMB Credit Consultants within three days of signing it. Keep in mind, the law requires credit repair companies to give you three days to cancel without any charge and provide you with an estimate of how much you’ll pay and other details. That said, it’s important to verify facts such as these when you contact credit repair providers to learn about the company’s services.

If you ever feel as if your consumer rights have been violated by a credit repair company or other financial services provider, you can submit a complaint to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) by visiting

Optional Add-Ons: No Beneficial Add-Ons

Although it’s not unusual for credit repair companies to offer additional paid services (e.g., financial management tools), AMB Credit Consultants only offers credit repair solutions. However, the company will provide you with some credit education as a part of your credit repair plan. Although you won’t be given financial management tools (e.g., budgeting tools), the fact that the company gives you some level of financial education is good.

Keep in mind, you are required to purchase and maintain a credit monitoring subscription from IdentityIQ (a third-party provider that’s preferred by AMB Credit Consultants) in addition to paying AMB’s monthly credit repair fee. So, it’s important to weigh all of the upfront and monthly fees into your evaluation of the overall cost. From what we can tell, a subscription from IdentityIQ will set you back about $29.99 per month.

AMB doesn't offer any extra add-ons but does require you to subscribe to a credit monitoring service.

When choosing whether or not to use a credit repair provider, it’s essential to consider your options. Not only could you potentially choose to go with another credit repair provider, but you could also seek non-profit credit counseling or work on repairing your credit on your own. Keep in mind, there are also lots of low-cost and potentially free credit monitoring options available.

Customer Service: Easy-to-Find Hours of Operation

Unlike some of the competition, AMB Credit Consultants’ hours of operations are published clearly on its website. The company is available from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. (CST) Monday through Friday. You can reach them by phone, by email, or by submitting a request online for someone from AMB Credit Consultants to contact you. While AMB Credit Consultants doesn’t offer 24/7 support or an online chat feature, this isn’t unusual based on our review of the competition.

Reputation: Not BBB-Accredited

AMB Credit Consultants is not a BBB-accredited business, it has a C rating. A BBB rating is based on key factors such as the company's complaint volume, unresolved complaints, how long they've been in business, transparent business practices, and more. There have been 11 complaints with the BBB during the past three years as of May 2021, all of which have been resolved. Complaints were mostly related to problems with the services provided by AMB, in particular issues related to fees and communication issues. The good news is a review of the consumer complaint database with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau for AMB Credit Consultants did not reveal any complaints about the company within the most recent three-year period. 

Customer Satisfaction: Great Customer Feedback

Although AMB Credit Consultants doesn't have a great overall rating and it has just seven customer reviews with the BBB, it still has 4.4 stars for customer satisfaction. There are also consistently strong online reviews, which routinely praise the level of education the company provides and also report credit score improvements. In contrast, some of the negative feedback is related to communication issues, similar to some of the BBB complaints. Overall, our review of the feedback is that the company’s customers are generally satisfied with the level of service they’re receiving from AMB Credit Consultants.

Cost: Higher Fees Than Competitors

AMB Credit Consultants offers one credit repair plan that comes with a one-time enrollment fee of $149 and a monthly fee of $99. In addition to these costs, AMB requires that you enroll in monthly credit monitoring with its preferred third-party provider, a company by the name of IdentityIQ. As far as we can tell, a subscription from IdentityIQ will set you back $29.99 per month. The company offers a plan for couples that carries a one-time fee of $198 (this is a discounted rate over what two individual plans would cost you) and also a monthly fee of $198. 

Overall, the fees charged by AMB Credit Consultants are higher than the average cost of the other credit repair companies we reviewed. That said, you may be able to find a better deal from another credit repair company. So, you might find it worthwhile to shop around.

The following table summarizes the costs AMB Credit Consultants charges for each plan:

Plan One-Time Fee Monthly Fee
AMB Credit Empowerment Individual $149 $99
AMB Credit Empowerment Couple $198 $198

The Competition: AMB Credit Consultants vs. Lexington Law

One of the most well-known competitors to AMB Credit Consultants is Lexington Law, a credit repair company headquartered in Utah. When considering AMB Credit Consultants versus Lexington Law, the most significant deciding factor we considered was the companies’ reputations. AMB Credit Consultants has a C rating with the BBB. In contrast, Lexington Law have no rating with the BBB and has a pending government action related to alleged consumer protection violations. For these reasons, we believe that (despite its C rating) AMB Credit Consultants is a better credit repair option than Lexington Law. 

  AMB Credit Consultants Lexington Law
Monthly Price $149 $89.95 to $129.95
One-Time Fees $99 $89.95 to $129.95
Number of Plans One Three
BBB Accredited Business No No
BBB Rating C C
BBB Customer Reviews Better than 3-star Better than 2-star
Final Verdict

Decent Reputation, but Higher Than Average Cost

Based on our methodology, AMB Credit Consultants has a decent reputation. Although it has a C rating from the BBB, it has excellent 4.9-star Google reviews. Even so, it comes at a higher-than-average cost. That said, you may find it worthwhile to shop around, as you might be able to find a better deal from another credit repair company with a reputation that’s as good or better, such as Ovation by LendingTree or even Credit Saint.

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