Amanda Page
Personal finance, Loans, Mortgages, Debt,
Freelance writer
Ohio University, University of Alabama, Columbia University


  • Nationally recognized for paying off $48,000 in student loan debt
  • Launched popular financial independence blog Dream Beyond Debt
  • Professor of college writing and humanities courses


Amanda Page is an expert in managing and paying off debt. Her personal story of paying off $48,000 in student loan debt in 14 months gained notoriety among influential personal finance websites like NerdWallet, and her story was featured by CNBC.

Amanda chronicled her journey and her tactics on her popular blog, Dream Beyond Debt. Her efforts to pay off her debt involved understanding how loans work and how lenders apply payments to interest and principal, cutting back expenses to make big payments on her debt, and adding side jobs to generate extra income.

As a result, Amanda became an influential voice in the financial independence movement


Amanda has a Certificate of Professional Achievement from Columbia University. She also holds an MFA from the University of Alabama, and a bachelor's from Ohio University.