Allstate Insurance Reviews and Ratings: Claims, Satisfaction, Stability

How Allstate Measures Up Across Multiple Categories

Review of Allstate insurance are you in good hands
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Allstate Corporation is one of the largest insurance corporations in the world, and the fifth largest publicly held property and casualty (P&C) insurer in the United States in 2019. Allstate offers insurance through a network of local agents. This structure allows them to offer personalized insurance solutions based on their agents' knowledge of the local communities they serve. The Allstate Insurance Corporation was founded in 1931 and covers over 26 million homes and vehicles. Allstate Insurance offers a vast range of insurance products, including:

How Stable and Reliable Is Allstate insurance? 

Based on their long history, Allstate has the capability to change with the demands of the modern consumer and offer products to meet modern needs. Below we cover several areas where Allstate is reviewed for financial stability and strength, as well as customer satisfaction and diversity in product offerings. Scroll down to check the ratings and reviews that you are most interested in learning about for Allstate.

Ratings for Allstate Across Different Surveys: Consumer Based Ratings

Although insurance companies do their own internal customer service and claims satisfaction surveys, it is notable that consumers are able to post their own independent reviews on various websites or even Google for local companies. These reviews should be referenced when looking at an insurance choice. It is also helpful to view independent studies that take a snapshot of what the generalized impressions are of insurance companies across a variety of areas. One example of independent study is the series of reviews and ratings by JD Power.

Below are the ratings from J.D. Power for Allstate as compared to other insurers. The ratings on JD Power Circle Scoring Legend are:


Allstate Rating in Car Insurance Claims Satisfaction Overall 

  • Allstate Overall Satisfaction Rating: BETTER THAN MOST
  • Allstate First Notice of Loss Rating: ABOUT AVERAGE
  • Allstate Service Interaction Rating: ABOUT AVERAGE
  • Allstate Appraisal Rating: BETTER THAN MOST
  • Allstate Repair Process Rating: ABOUT AVERAGE
  • Allstate Rental Car Experience Rating: BETTER THAN MOST
  • Allstate Claims Settlement Rating: ABOUT AVERAGE

The overall results are good, scoring better than most in a few key categories and "about average" in the rest. 

Review of the Allstate Rating for Property Insurance Claims 

In the 2020 J.D. Power U.S. Property Insurance Claims Study, Allstate scored "ABOUT AVERAGE" in property insurance claims across all ratings. The following areas were rated in the review:

  • Overall Customer Satisfaction
  • First Loss of Notice
  • Claim Servicing
  • Estimation process
  • Repair process
  • Settlement

Customers tend to have high expectations for a claim, and rightfully so. A property insurance claim can turn into an insurance nightmare if not handled properly and create serious stress for a consumer. Home insurance claims have the potential to fall short of expectations on several levels, in particular when a person did not get the best insurance coverage options. Living through a property insurance claim is very challenging, so for Allstate to receive consistent ratings in this study year over year and be reviewed as "about average" is actually a pretty decent indication that they get the job done. If large numbers of people in the survey were disappointed or found they were missing coverages and endorsements or were underinsured, it probably would have shown in the results.

Allstate Consumer Overall Rating - Customer Reviews in Insurance Shopping Experience

In this general overview of the overall customer experience in insurance shopping, Allstate offers a standard shopping experience, as seen in the J.D. Power Insurance Shopping Study (2020). It is noteworthy that the experience in a few of these categories is lead by the local agent, so the ratings would be based on the individual experiences by region. If you want to have an idea of what you can expect, doing some research on your local Allstate office's rankings or customer reviews would be a helpful indicator. Allstate's rating was 858 on a 1,000-point scale and was based on the following criteria:

  • Allstate Overall Purchase Experience Rating
  • Allstate Policy Offerings Rating
  • Allstate Pricing Offerings Rating
  • Allstate Local Agent Rating
  • Allstate Call Center Representative Rating
  • Allstate Insurer Website Rating

The Value of Claims Service Reviews and Ratings for Allstate

When we look at the claims ratings, they certainly ranked higher than their overall shopping experience. In some cases, an insurance company shopping experience may not be as slick, but I would put more weight on the customer satisfaction on claims settlement and handling, since this is where an insurance company has to be able to deliver its top service.

If you are thrilled with the shopping experience, but then get thoroughly disappointed in a claim, the value is not really there.

Allstate ratings in the J.D. Power claims related surveys was average and did not indicate any serious issues based on those consumer surveys.

If you can walk away from a claim thinking things went okay and you got what you were promised when you bought your insurance policy, it's pretty good.

Allstate Insurance Distribution Model Review

Allstate offers a fair opportunity to a consumer to obtain locally relevant insurance advice and the expertise due to the fact that their distribution network, and insurance sales and service are based on local insurance agents.

Because Allstate depends on the agent on a local level, regional success in service is largely guided by the agent you are dealing with. The insurance company provides guidelines, underwriting and product offerings, but your agent always has a part to play in how they deliver service.

Allstate Insurance Ratings Across Insurance Types

Allstate financial strength ratings are strong and stable across their divisions.

Understanding Financial Strength Ratings to Evaluate Allstate Overall Rating

Financial Strength ratings indicate the actual financial ability of an insurance company to meet its financial commitments. Allstate ranks highly for financial strength. These ratings indicate if companies are in a strong position to pay out on claims and have the financial backing to do so in normal circumstances. This also reflects on the financial management of the company and is an important aspect of any financial services company.

Allstate Financial Strength Ratings

  • A.M. Best Rating: A+
  • S&P Global Ratings (formerly Standard & Poors): AA- (fourth highest of 22 categories)
  • Moody's Investors Service: Aa3 (fourth highest of 21 company ratings)

Allstate Life Insurance Ratings for Financial Strength

  • A.M. Best Rating: A+
  • S&P Global Ratings A+ (fifth highest of 22 categories)
  • Moody's Investors Service A1 (fifth highest of 21 company ratings)

Allstate Assurance Company Financial Ratings

  • A.M. Best Rating: A+
  • S&P Global Ratings : N/A
  • Moody's Investors Service: A2

Financial Strength ratings are an important aspect of understanding if an insurance company can pay out claims or major losses. This is important in catastrophic loss events where large areas are affected and massive claims are filed at once.

Allstate Brand and Slogan

The Allstate name is well known in America. Their most successful slogan is "You're in Good Hands". Allstate relies heavily on advertising through their TV commercials, along with sponsorship.

Allstate Complaints Over Time - Reviews and Media Coverage

Like any insurance company, Allstate has had its share of complaints that have gained media attention. 

The complaints against Allstate have not greatly affected the company's presence, and Allstate remains a popular choice for insurance because of their wide range of offerings and special programs such as "accident forgiveness" and the "Drivewise Program,"which both save consumers money on insurance premiums.

Review of Allstate's Digital Presence and Customer Service Online

Allstate also shows their commitment to serve their customers by offering a full-featured website that provides customers with the ability to do many things online, with the most important being the ability to manage their insurance claims and billing.

Is Allstate a good company?

Allstate places focus on corporate social responsibility and works on giving back in communities. The Allstate Foundation is involved in many programs, spending millions of dollars on various projects, including projects committed to empowering youth, ending domestic violence and helping communities. Allstate has also invested in technology to help their customers, and provide added value to families and clients, including teen drivers.

Allstate provides opportunities to connect with customers on social networks

A review of their social presence showed active engagement and outreach. Allstate has made efforts to connect with consumers and provide information across all social platforms, including:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Youtube

Where is the best place to purchase Allstate insurance?

  • Allstate provides various different lines of personal insurance, with their most popular being auto, home and life insurance.
  • Insurance from Allstate can be purchased by a local Allstate insurance agent or online.
  • All Allstate customers have access to a full-featured website where they can make payments and report claims, which can be a huge advantage

Are you really in good hands with Allstate?

Overall, Allstate offers a vast range of products. Their insurance experience may vary based on the strength and service skills of the local agents and claims response team. The company itself is solid financially based on the financial ratings above.

  • Allstate has been around through several recessions and has seen a large share of claims. Allstate has evolved with consumer needs to offer increasing product lines and to offer digital customer service experiences.
  • Allstate involves itself in the community.

Overall, Allstate is a good and stable insurance company. Any insurance company will have its challenging experiences, but, based on the average, Allstate is doing well. It's an indication that if you communicate openly and purchase a product that is suitable to your needs, they have the ability to deliver in a claim and offer a satisfying experience.

Allstate Product Review and Ability to Fully Service Customers

An important aspect of servicing clients is a company's ability to respond to a wide range of customer needs. The wide range of personal insurance products Allstate offers provides an opportunity to the agents to fully service personal insurance clients.

Allstate Advantages of a Wide Product Offering

Allstate's various product features and offerings can be an advantage in bundling insurance products to get discounts, as well creating the opportunity to build a strong relationship with an agent who will understand the full picture of your insurance needs and who is more likely to fight for you in the event of a claim or difficult situation. In addition, Allstate also offers a wide range of insurance endorsements and riders.

  • Auto Insurance
  • Roadside Assistance 
  • Home Insurance
  • Renters Insurance
  • Condo Insurance
  • Motorcycle Insurance
  • Business Insurance
  • Boat Insurance
  • Motorhome Insurance
  • Snowmobile Insurance
  • ATV Insurance
  • Pet Insurance
  • Event Insurance
  • Landlord Insurance
  • Retirement and Investment
  • Supplemental & Health Insurance
  • Life Insurance

Review of Allstate Insurance Disadvantages

Allstate Insurance works through captive agents, therefore they are not in a position to offer you any other products besides the Allstate product line. This means that if other insurance companies could better serve you, the Allstate agent is not in any position to offer alternate options. The Allstate agent is restricted to the Allstate product line. Insurance brokers may offer an advantage over captive agents in general because they have access to several insurance products and can search not only products with different companies, but also cross-check prices. That being said, Allstate agents have access to a wide range of products and because of their local presence and focus on the customer, they can offer a good range of products and advice within the company.