Allison Bethell

Allison Bethell

Real Estate, Real Estate Investing
Writer, Real Estate Investor, Business Owner
Villanova University


  • More than 13 years of real estate experience, including sales, investment, and property development and management
  • Has been interviewed by The New York Times, Forbes, Huffington Post, and Realtor Magazine 
  • Has written about real estate and mortgages for Fit Small Business, The Balance Small Business, and The Balance
  • Degree in business and sociology from Villanova University 


Allison is a writer, real estate investor, broker, and consultant. She has over 13 years of real estate experience, including flipping properties, selling houses, property management, luxury condominium development, as well as marketing and recruiting for large real estate brokerages. 

She has been featured in articles by outlets such as Forbes, The New York Times, The Street, and Realtor Magazine. She is passionate about sharing her real estate knowledge through interviews and by creating engaging content. 

Allison left Philadelphia in 2015 to move to Florida. She invests in real estate in three states and works as a real estate consultant and a freelance writer. She has served as a writer and editor at industry-leading publications and startups, including FitSmallBusiness. When she isn’t working, Allison loves to travel and has been to all seven continents. 


Allison has a degree in Sociology and Business from Villanova University.

She is a licensed real estate agent in the state of Florida.