What Is Alien Abduction Insurance?

Alien Abduction Insurance Explained

Alien abduction insurance conceptual people being abducted by aliens

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Alien abduction insurance is meant to cover your costs if you are kidnapped by extraterrestrials. There are a few agencies that offer gimmick policies. They claim to cover you in case otherworldly visitors take you.

Learn more about abduction insurance, if you can get it, and how it should work.

What Is Alien Abduction Insurance?

Alien Abduction Insurance (AAI) is also known as UFO insurance. It's supposed to cover you if you are taken by a non-human life form from some other planet. These are more often known as aliens.

There are a few companies that cover these out-of-this-world occurrences. Each has taken a different approach to AAI. But they are all more of a gag gift or gimmick.

How AAI (Supposedly) Works

In theory, you buy AAI the same way as any other policy. You pay a premium at a set time. Then, the insurer provides compensation for any costs that result from being taken.


AAI is a gimmick. Don't be fooled into thinking it's real coverage. But it could make a funny joke gift for a friend with a good sense of humor.

Not many agencies cover an abduction. But there is one that issues you a certificate of coverage. The Saint Lawrence Agency promises to give you $10 million in insurance if you can prove you were indeed taken. But they only make payments of $1 per year; it would take 10 million years to pay out fully.

What Does AAI Cover?

AAI policies have claimed to provide coverage for:

  • Psychiatric care
  • Tractor beam burns
  • Alien pregnancy (for both men or women)
  • Injuries from alien examinations
  • Temporal anomaly injuries
  • Transporter psychosis
  • Thoron exposure

They might also cover:

  • Compensation for lost wages
  • Vehicle replacement, if the aliens took your car and didn't return it with you
  • Other financial losses that result

If you're looking into AAI, you should make sure that your policy covers the things you're most likely to come across. Each insurer is different. That's even more true when it comes to unusual types of coverage. Be sure to ask what is covered and how the payments are made.

This type of insurance is not standardized. Beware that you are taking a chance when buying a policy. You need to look at all the details closely.


Real insurance policies will likely cover everything that can happen if you're abducted.

Do You Need AAI?

Reports of UFOs lead us to wonder if there are aliens out there. What might they be doing? We've all heard stories and seen movies or films about alien abductions.

Without proof, it is normal for people to question if it is possible. Or wonder whether they should prepare for it. Keep in mind that that insurance doesn't prevent anything from happening. If you're only afraid being taken, insurance may not be the right choice.

If you're afraid of what an abduction might do to your finances or health, insurance might not be a bad idea. But you might want to think about policies other than AAI, such as health or life insurance. AAI is just a gimmick. It is better to purchase a real policy with real coverage.

What Can You Get Instead of AAI?

Instead of shopping for AAI, you could look for policies that cover injuries or trauma that might occur. In that case, you would be covered whether you were taken away from Earth or not. This coverage could be medical, financial, psychiatric, or something else.

Medical coverage will cover your needs if you're injured during an abduction or if you become pregnant as a result of one. If you need psychiatric care, medical coverage will assist with that also.

If your car is damaged or stolen by aliens, you can report it as a vandalized or stolen vehicle. Your car insurance will likely cover it if it meets its requirements.

In short, most insurance policies already cover everything you'll need if aliens take you; they just aren't called alien abduction policies. There isn't a need for such an approach (yet).

Key Takeaways

  • AAI is not real.
  • Other types of insurance should cover everything that could happen to you if you were abducted.
  • Your health and finances could be affected by an abduction. You should have real coverage if you're worried about anything.