Air Force Technical School Training Restrictions

Phase II

(Continued from Air Force Technical School Restrictions )

Phase II runs from the 15th calendar day through the 35th calendar day.

Phase II Airmen have achieved a higher level of knowledge and proficiency and are expected to be model Airmen. With greater privileges come greater responsibilities; Airmen are expected to follow, promote, and encourage all Airmen to adhere to standards. They will be held accountable and supervised commensurate with their time in service.

During this phase, Airmen:

  • Will remain in uniform and on station during duty hours. If Airmen go off station, they will wear the appropriate blue uniform combination and remain in the local area as determined in writing by the training/operations group commander.


  • May consume alcohol if of legal age on base only, but not during the duty week or 12 hours prior to duty.


  • May ride in and operate a private motor vehicle (PMV) after duty hours.


  • Will adhere to a call to quarters (curfew) of 2200 (10:00 P.M.) to 0400 (4:00 A.M.) on evenings prior to duty days and a curfew of 2400 (Midnight) to 0400 on evenings prior to nonduty days. Training/operations group commanders will determine, in writing, call to quarters for Airmen assigned to shifts other than a traditional day shift.


  • Will have their rooms inspected a minimum of one time while in Phase II. Airmen must keep their rooms according to local guidelines, but may personalize their rooms.


  • Will march to and from all locations during duty hours.


  • Will participate in a formal open ranks inspection conducted by an MTL a minimum of one time while in Phase II.


  • May use a personal electronic device (such as cell phones and MP3 players) after duty hours only.


  • Will pass all required open ranks and room evaluations prior to progressing to Phase III. (Units will determine pass/fail depending on locally developed standards.)

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