Air Force Technical School Locations Codes

The career you're pursuing will determine the location of technical training

Historic plaque about the Aberdeen Proving Ground on the median of U.S. Route 40 in Aberdeen, Maryland.
Historic plaque about the Aberdeen Proving Ground on the median of U.S. Route 40 in Aberdeen, Maryland. DanTD/Wikimedia Commons

Once enlisted personnel in the Air Force have completed their basic military training, they're eligible to enter technical training to pursue a career path. This is different than pursuing officer training, which is a separate track entirely.

The location of the technical school will vary depending on which Air Force career is being pursued, as will the length of the technical training, which is typically anywhere from four weeks to a year (or more).

Air Force Specialty Codes (AFSCs)

Air Force Specialty Codes, or AFSCs are enlisted jobs divided into several overall categories. These include Operations, Maintenance and Logistics, Support, Medical and Dental, Legal and Chaplain, Finance and Contracting, and Special Investigations.

Within these categories, AFSCs are further assigned to career fields, which may have one AFSC or several assigned to it, depending on each one's function. 

So for someone wanting to pursue a career in the Air Force as a Vehicular Equipment Maintenance specialist, who works on vehicles like trucks and forklifts would first complete 7.5 weeks of basic training, then 79 days of technical training at Port Hueneme in California, as well as meeting other requirements of the position.

Air Force Technical Training Locations and Codes

Shown below are the codes used to describe Air Force technical training locations.

ABG - Aberdeen Proving Ground
AFH - Air Force Hospitals (Various)
Alt - Altus AFB, OK

Bea - Beale AFB, CA

Bol - Bolling, DC
Brk - Brooks AFB, TX
Chr - Charleston, SC
CS - Corry Station, FL
DC - DCI Washington DC
DM - Davis Mothan, AZ
Dov - Dover, DE
Egl - Eglin, FL
Ell - Ellsworth AFB, SD
Fc - Fairchild, WA
FB - Fort Bragg, GA
FE - Fort Eustis, PA
FG - Fort Gordon , GA
FGM - Fort George Mead, MD
FH - Fort Huacha, AZ
FJ - Fort Jackson, SC
FL - Fort Leonard Wood, MO
FMC - Fort McClellan, AL
G - Goodfellow AFB, TX
Glp - Gulfport, MS
Hu - Hurburt Field, FL
Ho - Holloman AFB, NM
IH - Indian Head, MD
K - Keesler AFB, MS
Kir - Kirtland AFB, NM
KW - Kew West, FL
L - Lackland AFB, TX
LR - Little Rock, AR
Luk - Luke AFB, AZ
Max - Maxwell AFB, AL
MC - McCord AFB, WA
McG - McGuire AFB, NJ
Mn - Monterray, CA
P - Patrick AFB, FL
PH - Port Hueneme, CA
Pen - Pensacola, FL
Po - Pope AFB, SC
Port - Portsmouth, VA
S - Sheppard AFB, TX
Sct - Scott AFB, IL
Ti - Tinker AFB, OK
Trv - Travis AFB, CA
Tyn - Tyndall AFB, FL
V - Vandenberg AFB, CA
Var - Various
Whi - Whiteman AFB, MO
Yuma - Yuma Proving Grounds, AZ

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