Air Force Basic Training Fitness Requirements

Final Physical Fitness Test

The Final Physical Conditioning Test is conducted during Week #7 of Air Force Basic Training
In order to graduate from AFBMT, you must pass a physical fitness test. Joint Hometown News Service/Flickr

In order to graduate from Air Force Basic Military Training (AFBMT), you must pass a physical fitness test, shown on the bottom of this page. The test consists of a timed run, push-ups, and sit-ups. In order to win one of the fitness awards, you'll need to do some pull-ups, as well. But, pull-ups are not required simply to pass the basic training fitness standards. So that you're not behind the power curve when you arrive at basic, you'll want to prepare to meet the minimum physical fitness arrival standards.

Keep in mind that the standards on this page are for AFBMT only. They are not the fitness standards you will be required to maintain after basic. After basic training, the Air Force has a different fitness test that you will have to pass at least annually.

In addition to the minimum basic training fitness standards, which the Air Force calls the Liberator standard, there are two award-level standards. In order to be considered for possible selection as a Basic Training Honor Graduate, you must meet the Thunderbolt standard.

Those who can meet the highest standard, the Warhawk standard, receive a special T-shirt, a recognition certificate, and receive an extra town pass on graduation weekend (that means they get to go off-base on the Sunday following graduation, as well as the normal Friday afternoon and Saturday).

Those who fail the final PT evaluation, but were really close, are usually given one more opportunity to pass it the next day.

Failure almost always means getting "recycled" for a couple of weeks to an earlier flight, thereby giving the recruit more time to get into shape.


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Air Force Basic Training Physical Fitness Requirements

Male Fitness Requirements
StandardRun (1.5 miles)Push-Ups (1 minute)Sit-Ups (1 minute)Pull-Ups (no time limit)
Liberator (minimum graduation standards)11:5733420
Thunderbolt (honor graduate minimum standards)9:3055605
Warhawk (highest standard)8:55657010
Female Female Fitness Requirements
StandardRun (1.5 miles)Push-Ups (1 minute)Sit-Ups (1 minute)Pull-Ups (no time limit)
Liberator (minimum graduation standards)14:2618380
Thunderbolt (honor graduate minimum standards)12:0032552
Warhawk (highest standard)10:5540605

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