Agricultural Job Search Sites

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Agricultural career paths can include a number of job titles such as beef cattle farmer, dairy farmer, poultry farmer, egg producer, hog farmer, aquaculture farmer, sheep farmer, livestock appraiser, livestock auctioneer, agricultural extension agent, meat inspector, and more. Agribusiness is showing strong growth, and demand for qualified applicants is peaking.

There are a number of job search sites that can help agricultural career seekers to find desirable employment opportunities.

While networking and searching local listings can assist with the overall job search, utilizing online resources can help qualified candidates broaden their search to encompass all possible opportunities.

Job Search Sites is a large job search site that focuses on a wide spectrum of agricultural careers. The site hosts a searchable database that includes open positions in a variety of categories such as animal health, beef, biotechnology, dairy, equine, feed, livestock, meat processing, pork, poultry, sheep/wool, veterinary medicine, research and development, and academia.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) maintains a searchable database of government positions, with many animal related career paths represented. Frequently advertised positions include options in veterinary medicine and biology. The site lists detailed candidate qualifications as well as pay grade and salary details.

The American Feed Industry Association (AFIA) Career Center offers a searchable job database on its website. Designed for those pursuing careers in the animal feed manufacturing industry, advertised position titles on the site may include staff veterinarian, food safety manager, and marketing analyst.

Agri-Search Inc. is an agricultural recruiter that posts a large selection of jobs on its website and screens qualified applicants on behalf of potential employers. Animal related career options include farm and livestock jobs, feed and nutrition jobs, and agricultural sales jobs. Position listings also include a salary range which may be of interest to those researching potential careers. posts a variety of open positions in the hog industry. Opportunities can be found in a variety of areas including administration, management, marketing, sales, feed, production, and veterinary medicine. Hog related internships are also posted on the site.

The American Fisheries Society posts a variety of positions on its website, some of which are in the aquaculture industry. Common position titles include hatcheries manager, fisheries technician, and fisheries manager. Research and veterinary positions may also be advertised, as well as internships and graduate assistantships.

The National Agricultural Alumni and Development Association (NAADA) is a professional membership group that posts dozens of open jobs on a regular basis. Many of the positions are for agricultural extension agent roles.

Extension related internships are also posted on the site.

Other Sources

Other major sites that are not specifically devoted to agricultural careers may also prove useful to job seekers. Indeed, Monster, CareerBuilder, and other similar job search sites often have job postings for agricultural related careers. It is important to use the sites wisely (with specific keywords as search terms) to identify animal related opportunities.

Additional job opportunities may be found on sites maintained by colleges offering agricultural degrees, livestock associations, feed companies, and veterinary associations. Potential employment opportunities may also appear in classified ads of local publications such as magazines, newspapers, and the online versions of such publications.

Final Word

A 2010 study conducted by Purdue University (funded by the National Institute of Food and Agriculture) found that an estimated 54,400 agribusiness positions would be created between 2010 and 2015.

This rapid expansion of the industry bodes well for those seeking agriculture, food, or life-science careers, as demand will far outstrip the supply of qualified applicants.

Job seekers should be sure to keep a current, well-edited resume ready at all times while conducting an online search. It is important to have the necessary application materials ready to send out immediately upon the identification of a desirable opportunity. Keeping a basic cover letter on file is also a good idea, as this document can be quickly tailored or rewritten to apply to the specific job opening an applicant is interested in pursuing.