Affordable or Free Logo Maker Tools

Simple Logo Design For Budget-Conscious Business Owners

Small business owners used to have only two options when they wanted to finalize their business identities and generate logos. They could spend thousands of dollars on professional designers, hoping those dollars would create something great and worthy of the investment, or they could roll up their shirt sleeves and attempt to create a design their own. The second option resulted in a lot of particularly ugly and cheap-looking logos. Fortunately, times have changed, and several free logo maker tools are now available to small business owners if you know where to look and what to expect.

Check out these six tools to find the best free logo maker for your small business depending on your goals and your needs.

Logo Maker

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Logo Maker's free logo maker tool offers some of the best and least “clip-arty” images available, complete with many editing and customization options. You can get your logo in a web format for free by generating an HTML code snippet to put on your website, but this won't give you the actual low-resolution image. The full high-resolution file costs $49. More

Logo Ease

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Logo Ease is a free logo maker tool available by download. Create the logo and they'll give you the high-resolution files with no strings attached. A word of warning, however -- the art and images are limited and your logo can come out looking a bit generic. Customize your logo using their editing tools to work around this issue. More

Free Logo Services

Free Logo Services
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Free Logo Services offers many attractive font and illustration options, but customization is very limited. You can't move images or text around -- you're limited to changing font sizes and colors. A high-resolution logo is available from Free Logo Services for $39.95. More

Cool Text

Cool Text Generator
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Cool Text is a very limited service that renders a text-based logo in various fonts or sizes without any illustrations. Their service is completely free, but your options are quite limited. Take care with your selections so your logo doesn't look cheap. More

Logo Snap

Logo Snap
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Logo Snap is another site that allows varying degrees of illustration and font-based options. It allows you to customize editing and it offers the logo free. Logo Snap does ask for a small donation to keep the site going, but the donation isn't required to get a high-resolution logo. More


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Mycroburst isn't exactly a logo maker tool, but you can get a logo here. It's an online community of designers. The site allows you to present the design product you need -- your logo -- and list how much you're willing to pay a designer to complete the project. Mycroburst refers to this fee as “prize money," and it also charges a $39 fee to use the service. Designers interested in your project will then submit different draft options for you to consider. You select the winning designer and pay him your prize money -- a minimum of $199. It's a great way to get in touch with many different freelance designers without getting keyed into the world of creative agencies. Turnaround time is typically seven days from start to finish. More