How to Promote Affiliate Marketing Products to Your Email List

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Encouraging people to purchase affiliate products from you is a valuable skill that is not only financially rewarding but also personally fulfilling. In almost any profit-driven company today, the best-compensated people are those who deliver sales, whether they work the front lines (e.g. real estate agents, car salespeople) or the boardrooms and negotiating tables of Fortune 500 companies.

Fortunately for beginners just getting started with affiliate marketing, hard sales skills – though great to have – are not a prerequisite for affiliate marketing success.

Provided that you choose a profitable niche market, set up your WordPress platform properly, and take the right steps to grow your audience, you can generate affiliate income as a relationship marketer

Assuming that you can build and maintain a subscriber list of raving fans to which you can demonstrate value and expertise.

Isn’t affiliate marketing all about the hard sell?

Fortunately, the answer is no. Most folks – upwards of 95% of Americans – are sales-averse, i.e. they don’t like pitching goods to others AND they don’t like being bombarded with high-pressure sales tactics. However, they are willing to consider offers from people they know, like and trust. This is where you and your subscriber list come in…

Even in an era of increasingly sophisticated social media marketing and the twenty-four-hour information cycle, sending e-mails to your list remains the most reliable (and profitable) promotion tactic in affiliate marketing.

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What’s great – especially for beginners – is that plain text e-mails often work best. They’re easy on the eyes and convey a sense of honesty and authenticity to your reader. All too often, affiliate marketers get carried away with fancy new tactics that attract attention but do not convert into sales.

Consider some of these tried and true tricks for your upcoming e-mail campaigns:  

  • Highlight the products’ benefits for your subscriber without being verbose. You’re not writing a novel or even a full blown sales letter. Not necessary to list features.
  • Be concise with your pitch and avoid excessive repetition.
  • Personalize your recommendation (Why do YOU recommend this product?). Mention your results and other buyers’ positive results with the product.
  • Don’t overdo the links! One affiliate link halfway into the text and a second link near the end the text is a good way to go. 
  • Combine e-mails with other promotion methods like product reviews and bonuses.

Successful affiliate marketers share several traits. They are consistent with their relationship marketing efforts. They are persistent when putting together a campaign, but wise enough to know when to let it go and move on to other things. The best marketers use tools to measure and evaluate their performances and are open to criticism and suggestions from subscribers and colleagues.

How will you know that you’ve become a successful affiliate marketer? The number cruncher in you may raise your hand and say, “When I make X dollars per month every month for a number of years.” Hard to argue with that, since making money online is a strong motivator.

However, why not measure success by the number of lives you touch in a positive fashion by introducing them to your affiliate products? Chances are that the money will follow…

Seriously, the most valuable advice given to me as an affiliate marketer – and that is being moved forward to you today – is to respect your audience at all times. They are making you are part of their lives and are prepared to put money into your pocket. In exchange, it is your duty to give them meaningful content that addresses their wants and needs and follow up with affiliate offers that meet these objectives.

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