Advertising Manager

Advertising Manager
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Job Description:

An advertising manager develops, implements, and manages the company's advertising strategy, both from a business, sales and technical perspective. It is their job to Initiate and manages discussions and sales with sponsor and agencies. They spend time negotiating agreements with outside sales representatives. managing the development of sales materials, including media kits. They are generally responsible for managing a group of ​advertising sales representatives.

Advertising managers position often include the following key tasks: 

  • Identify advertising objectives, develop advertising strategy and target markets that need to be reached.
  • Manage all advertising efforts and sometimes the advertising department. 
  • Develop advertising plans both traditional and digital and implementation of those plans. 

An advertising manager is often based in an office setting, but there are some positions that will require travel to clients or to events. 

It's not uncommon for the advertising manager to serve as the liaison between a client and advertising or promotional company that creates, develops and places the advertisements. 

Average Salary:

The average salary is $71,892. It's reported that more than 50% of Advertising Managers earn between $59,725 and $87,010

Geography is a big factor when it comes to the compensation range for advertising managers. Compensation will often include bonuses and profit sharing.


Education/Experience Requirements:

A Bachelors degree  and 2 to 4 years of field experience.

Personality Synopsis:

Common traits of Advertising Managers include interpersonal skills, creativity, idea generation, good written expression, oral comprehension, written comprehension, and deductive reasoning.

Career Path as an Advertising Manager

If you are considering the position of advertising manager as a stepping stone in your career, you may find yourself moving into the following positions as your career progresses:

  • Marketing Manager
  • Director of Marketing