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Take a look at these administration and business resume examples for inspiration to construct a professional and effective resume of your own. Samples include human resources, consulting, marketing, public relations, management and more.

Administration / Business Resume Examples

Customer Service

Customer service is all about keeping customers happy to retain them and thus increase sales.

Here are some critical skills to highlight on your resume:

  • Interpersonal ability to understand customers’ needs and service them
  • Attentive with customers and an active listener
  • Proactively takes initiative to resolve customers’ issues
  • Able to process detailed product knowledge and communicate it to customer clearly and efficiently
  • Detail-oriented and efficient in providing customer service in adverse situations
  • Adept at conflict resolution without getting angered, frustrated or losing patience
  • Effectively handle stressful interactions with customers
  • Ability to endorse products or services
  • Works well under pressure to meet deadlines
  • Conveys a positive image on the product and company
  • Knowledge of psychology applicable to customers
  • Efficiently assess problems or negative situations
  • Positive attitude and presentation
  • Ability to handle angry and disgruntled customers
  • Adept with technology
  • Top notch organizational skills
  • Keen negotiation and persuasive skills
  • Flexible and adaptable based on the needs of the job

Human Resources

Consider these essential skills for human resource employees and the ways in which you can best showcase them on your resume:

Screening: Screening is the first step in recruiting, before determining if a candidate will make it to the next step.

Analysis, critical thinking and decision making are key components of this task.

Employee relations: Businesses must have respectful and successful relationships between employers and employees in order to thrive. Human resources is all about building relationships, both with new hires and existing company employees, and identifying and working through issues is a key component of this skill.

Onboarding: Helping new hires acclimate to both their new job and the corporate culture is part of HR's role. People who settle in well are more likely to stay for the long run, thus reducing the cost of high turnover. 

Social media: You'll likely use a variety of social media platforms to attract candidates for open positions; choosing the best options to recruit the most relevant and talented applicants is a critical part of the recruitment process.





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