Adem Tahiri

I am a syndicated business and finance writer and a financial education advocate. My work has centered largely around coverage of retail stocks and the consumer goods sector.

Peter Lynch once said "behind every stock is a company, find out what it's doing." My goal is to encourage investors to do just that, to treat stocks as part ownership in real businesses to be held for decades. Therefore, you won't hear any jargon about charts, rapid trading strategies, or short-selling from me. 


My work has been published by various media outlets including Yahoo!, Reuters, AOL, MSN, The Houston Chronicle and much more. I have served as a Sr. Contributor for The Motley Fool and as a Contributor for Investopedia and many others. My coverage of select retailers has been featured and referenced in Crains Chicago Business, the Triangle Business Journal and by The Great Place to Work Institute. 


 I earned a Bachelors of Arts degree from Eastern Illinois University where I studied Economics and Communications.