Additional Freelance Careers for Writers

15 Jobs for Freelance Writers

Here are 15 project areas that a freelance writer is likely to excel in. All of these fields relate to communication and/or working with the written language in some way, and many of them can be done in a freelance capacity.

  • Blogging. Ok, some writers consider this a niche or a derivative of the freelance writing market, but if you haven't considered it at all, now is the time.
  • Creative Writing. Tired of writing user manuals and newsletters? It might be time to flex your creative muscles instead.
  • Editing and Proofreading. Look, not every writer can or should proofread and edit professionally, but for many writers, this is the first niche they look toward.
  • Editorial Management. Small magazines and online based ezines are exploding. Often these new publications are the pet project of one publisher who needs some help "directing traffic." This includes interfacing with freelancers, perhaps some proofreading and editing, and then reporting back to the publisher. In a pinch, knowing about advertising and graphic design will come in handy here.
  • Fact Checking. A fun field for those writers that enjoy the research aspects of the career.
  • Freelance Reading Services. Yes, you can get paid to read books. Example employers are publishers, agents, book summarizing services and audio book recorders.
  • Grant Research and Writing. Since grants are almost entirely in a written word format, writers have a jumpstart. Get some grant writing training and hang out your shingle!
  • Graphic Design. A word's best friend is a good graphical representation, and freelancers know that the partner of their brochure/website/newsletter is the graphic designer. So why not kill two birds with one stone?
  • Indexing. Publishers of non-fiction books hire freelancers to create them. Take a look at the American Society for Indexing FAQ to get started.
  • PR and Marketing. These fields rely on people who can manipulate the printed word, and often target the same publications that freelance writers work with. There's a lot to learn about the PR and marketing field before you get started though.
  • Teaching. Whether you're teaching about writing, or teaching ESL learners, introducing others to the written aspects of our language will probably be fulfilling yo you.
  • Translation. The growing population of non English speakers in our communities means that this market is ripe.
  • Virtual Assistant. Since administrative tasks often rely on the written word, you may want to think about recasting your business writing services as a VA business.
  • Web Design. We write to communicate, right? What's the number one way that people communicate these days? There ya go.
  • Web products. Videos, podcasting, vlogging. All of these still rely on communication via "the right words." The field is huge, and there's a lot to learn.

Now, go out there and diversify!