Acrobots Time Waster

Screenshot of the free online game Acrobats

Acrobots isn't a game but instead an ingenious time waster that you won't be able to stop playing around with.

Acrobots are small little creatures that jump around the screen interacting with each other based on real-life physics. You can add more or less Acrobots to make things even more interesting.

How Much Time You Can Waste With Acrobots:

I personally wasted hours with Acrobots over the last week.

There's really no point to it - there's no goal to get to or level to reach. It's just fun to play!

So you can waste a lot of time with Acrobots or you can play with it just for a little while and move on to something else.

How to Play Acrobots:

Visit Acrobots to get started. You can click, drag and release the Acrobots to see how they interact with each other and the box they're kept in. You can also use the bottom button on the game to turn the box around so a wall now becomes their new floor.

Click the plus button to add more Acrobots and the minus button to take some away. The number of Acrobots you use makes it really interesting to see how they interact.

If you get tired of the blue monochrome setting you can use the light bulb button in the game to bring in a little more color.

Other Games Like Acrobots:

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What I Think About Acrobots:

I love Acrobots! My favorite number of Acrobots to use is around 6-8. Just enough where there's always something going on. I found if I get too many Acrobots in there it seemed crowded and they didn't get to move around as much.