A Word From The Balance Regarding COVID-19

Our mission at The Balance is to help answer your money questions, and we know coronavirus and its economic impact has our readers asking a lot of them. What’s happening? Has it ever happened before? What does it mean for me?

Nothing is more important to us than giving you clarity during a time of chaos. We’re committed to reviewing our content daily and publishing new resources as developments occur.

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We are here to help you prepare for and understand this time of volatility. Whether you’re wondering how this impacts your taxes or retirement funds, what to do about your mortgage or student loans, when you should (and shouldn’t) spend money, or where to get help after a job loss, we have articles and tools that can point you in the right direction. If you’re still not finding the answers you need, please let us know (email contact@thebalance.com) and we’ll work our hardest to get them to you. 

Our hope is that you’re staying safe and surrounding yourself with people you love (physically or virtually). 


The Balance Team (Lauren, Christine, Yasmin, Jeremy, Sienna, Hilarey, Kiran, Rebecca, Helen and Lars). 

The Balance team working from home
The Balance team working from home.