Review of eBay Auction Sniping Service

Sniping generally has an edge over traditional bids

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Jan Mammey/STOCK4B/Getty Images is an eBay sniping platform—a tool that enables you to automatically place last-moment eBay bids without having to use eBay's own bidding system, which could potentially encourage other bids. It also allows group bidding, and the first successful snipe cancels all the others. Plus, the service doesn't restrict the number of snipes. In fact, the amount of snipes is unlimited.

Better your understanding of Gixen and find out if the sniping service is right for you with this *review. Popularity: HIGH is one of the most popular eBay sniping platforms online, likely because of its low cost (the service is free).

Software Installation: OPTIONAL

This eBay sniping platform is web-based, meaning that it doesn't require that you install any software on your computer. Instead, it runs inside your web browser. An optional desktop application is, however, available. Gixen features also include a free browser plugin for Mozilla Firefox.

Computer Must Be Running: NO

Since this sniping platform is web-based, all of your snipes are processed by's servers, meaning that your computer doesn't have to be on for sniping to occur. The process is automatic. Once you enter your snipes, will handle the rest, whether your computer is on or not.

Security Status: THIRD PARTY

Because needs your eBay account information in order to place bids on your behalf, you must supply your eBay login and password to, meaning that if is ever compromised, your eBay account is compromised, too.

So if your Gixen password is stolen or otherwise exposed, don't delay taking steps to protect your eBay passwords and any other accounts linked to your eBay account. That said, the Gixen website states that it is a completely secure site. 

Group/Contingency Sniping: YES supports group sniping (also known as contingency sniping), in which you place snipes for multiple similar items, all of which are all cancelled as soon as you win any one of them.

Price/Fee Structure is a free service, which likely contributes significantly to its popularity. The site says there are no catches with the free service and that Gixen is 99.5 percent reliable.

Pros and Cons of Sniping

Sniping has distinct advantages and disadvantages. On one hand, eBay users who place bids early that are higher than those of snipers will win the auction. However, sniping has its perks.

As others place bids, the genuine worth of an item becomes clear. Snipers can avoid bidding too low or high on an item as well as the fraudulent practice of shill bidding. This occurs when sellers balloon the cost of a product by using another eBay ID to bid on it and withdraw the bid if they go too high.

Sniping gives these underhanded sellers no opportunity to engage in shill bidding. Moreover, one can nix a scheduled snipe if he changes his mind, which is easier than retracting an eBay bid.

While sniping is generally a good move. Sometimes, snipers have to pay slightly more for an item. Early bidders have a bit of an edge over snipers because snipers typically have to bid somewhat higher than they do. But in most cases, if the value of an item is unclear, it's helpful to snipe.

*These details about do not represent an endorsement (or criticism of) for sniping or other purposes.