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WordPress for Real Estate
WordPress for Real Estate. ©Canstockphoto

What & Why - Powered by WordPress?:

WordPress is a free open-source blogging software platform. It's flexibility is amazing, and ease of use just adds to its appeal. Wordpress now powers many of the top real estate blogs and is rapidly taking the number one spot as a real estate blogging platform.

Why Use a Blogging Platform for a Web Site?:

The search engines are in a love fest with blogs. That's because the very nature and purpose of a blog is to allow fresh new content to be easily placed on the web on a regular basis.

 With all of the Google algorithm updates over the past couple of years, it's getting very difficult for the average real estate professional to rank well in Google's search.

SEO is a moving target, and it seems to be moving faster every year.  What Google tells us is that their goal is to present content highly relevant to the search phrase entered, and content that is expert in the topic presented.  It's unfortunate that content you had ranking well a month ago suddenly drops a dozen or more places in the rankings.  It didn't change, but Google's scoring of it did.  The good thing about blogging and WordPress is that you can easily modify your content and create new articles to climb back up in the rankings.

Writing one to three posts a week to your blog about your local real estate market will cause the search engine robots to visit your site more often. Use a blog to position yourself as the local expert.

  Present market statistics and updates of what's happening in real estate and your visitors will return.  Expert content shows your visitors that you are the go-to person for real estate in your market area.

After a while, the archiving of hundreds of posts about your area's sites, sounds, tourism, schools, government and real estate will make your site a resource for local information that the search engines and site visitors love.

How About Static Content Pages Like a Web Site?:

A real estate blog powered by WordPress can have an extensive menu of static pages. All the page types you're used to seeing on a real estate web site, like "About Me", IDX search, etc. can be built and the navigation buttons/links placed for you automatically.

Can You Customize the Look?:

It's no problem to have a highly customized look for a real estate web site powered by WordPress. First you start with one of hundreds of WordPress Themes, and then you customize it even more.  WordPress has advanced to the point that some themes allow almost unlimited customization of the style and format of pages.  Some of the most visited sites of major corporations are on WordPress and visitors have no idea.

What's the Cost ?:

The WordPress software is free. Of course, you'll need a place to host it. WordPress has some vendors listed here. If the names there aren't familiar, there's WordPress hosting at Yahoo that makes the process of getting started just a few easy steps.

In any case, the hosting should be the only ongoing cost and not exceed $10 to $20 per month.