A Complete Guide to Aviation Gifts

Gift Ideas for Pilots, Aircraft Owners and Aviation Enthusiasts

If you have difficulty finding gift ideas for the pilot or aviation enthusiast in your life, look no further! Here's an entire gift guide for various types of aviation fans. In the articles below, you'll find over 50 aviation gift ideas for flight instructors, airline pilots, aircraft owners and even the plain old aviation enthusiast!

So get shopping! But be careful: You may find that you want to keep these items for yourself!

7 Fantastic Aviation Finds From Etsy

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For truly unique gifts for the aviator, check out Etsy.com, a marketplace full of hand-made and vintage items. You'll find everything from old galley carts and runway signs to beautifully crafted aircraft paintings. Etsy is great for personalized service, but it's really great if you are looking for something that nobody else has...Read more More

Top Gift Ideas for the Aircraft Owner

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Aircraft Owners always need supplies. But if you aren't a pilot or aircraft owner yourself, you might be wondering what, specifically, an aircraft owner wants or needs. Here are some gift ideas for the aircraft owner...Read more More

Top Gift Ideas for the Flight Instructor

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Looking for a great gift idea for a flight instructor? Here's a list of gift ideas for the flight instructor that covers a wide range of budget options. ...Read more More

Top Gift Ideas for the Aviation Enthusiast

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The good news is that for an aviation enthusiast, you can't really go wrong: A true avgeek will enjoy almost anything as long as it has something to do with airplanes. Whether your budget is a few dollars or a few hundred dollars, here are a few... Read more More

Top Gift Ideas for the Professional Pilot

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Professional pilots are sometimes difficult to buy presents for. They usually have all of their necessary pilot supplies on hand already and even if they don't, many airline pilots and other commercial pilots are very specific...Read more More

7 Flight Instructor Essentials

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Flight instructing can be a challenging job. Armed with the right instructional tools and resources, though, any instructor will be able to handle it! Here are the top seven flight instructor essentials to start your career off right...Read more More

5 Things Every Instrument Pilot Needs

Photo © Emilio Labrador

There are countless supplies on the commercial market for instrument pilots and instrument pilots in training. But which ones are really important? Here are five must-haves for instrument pilots...Read more More