What Does a U.S. Army 88M Motor Transport Operator Do?

The Backbone of the Army's Support Structure

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Motor transport operators in the U.S. Army have the important job of transporting cargo and personal to strategic locations.

According to the U.S. Army, these soldiers are primarily responsible for supervising or operating wheel vehicles to transport important people and cargo. They are the backbone of the Army's support and sustainment structure, providing advanced mobility on and off the battlefield.

Duties of a U.S. Army 88M Motor Transport Operator

Duties performed by Soldiers in this Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) include:

  • Operation of all wheel vehicles and equipment over varied terrain and roadways.
  • Management of loading, unloading, and safety of personnel being transported.
  • Overseeing and checking proper loading and unloading of cargo on vehicles and trailers.
  • Employing convoy defense techniques.
  • Identifying, correcting or reporting all vehicle deficiencies.
  • Preparing vehicle for movement/shipment by air, rail or vessel.

Training Information

Job training for a motor transport operator takes commitment. It requires 10 weeks of Basic Combat Training and seven weeks of Advanced Individual Training. Part of this time is spent in the classroom and part in simulation, with more than 200 training hours spent in actual vehicles and field training environments.


ASVAB Score Required: 85 in aptitude area OF

Security Clearance: None

Strength Requirement: very heavy

Physical Profile Requirement: 222222

Other Requirements

  • Color discrimination of red/green
  • A valid state motor vehicle operator's permit (not due to expire prior to completion of AlT)

Similar Civilian Occupations

  • The skills you learn in this MOS train you for a multitude of careers, including those in  trucking, moving or bus companies, or with businesses that have their own delivery fleets. You'll be able to consider a future as a tractor-trailer truck, tank truck and heavy truck or bus driver.

    Helpful Skills

    If you have already mastered the following skills, you'll have an edge up on training in this MOS:

    • Experience in driver education.
    • Interest in driving and mechanics.

    Compensation & Educational Benefits

    Compensation for Motor Transport Operators includes housing, medical, food, special pay, as well as paid vacation. In the U.S. Army, qualified students can earn full-tuition, merit-based scholarships, allowances for books and fees, plus an annual stipend for living expenses.

    Army PaYS program

    Those interested in this job may be eligible for civilian employment, after the Army, by enrolling in the Army PaYS program, which is a recruitment option that guarantees a job interview with military friendly employers. These company executives are looking for experience and trained Veterans to join their organizations. Find out more about the Army PaYS Program at http://www.armypays.com.

    According to goarmy.com, these companies participate in the PaYS program:

    • Rush Enterprises
    • Ruan Transportation Mgt. Sys. Inc.
    • D. M. Bowman, Inc.
    • Liquid Transport Corp
    • Transport Corporation of America, Inc.
    • Sentinel Transportation, LLC
    • Nationwide Truck Brokers, Inc.
    • J. B. Hunt Transportation, Inc.
    • Total Quality Logistics, LLC
    • TMC Transportation, Inc.

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