US Army Job: 68K - Medical Laboratory Specialist

OYUGIS, Kenya – Inside Rachuonyo district hospital, Simba Mobagi peers through his laboratory’s only microscope at a sick woman’s blood sample. / Rick Scavetta, U.S. Army Africa

Basic Job Description

As integral members of the medical laboratory technician team, Medical Laboratory Specialists conduct tests on the tissue, blood and body fluids of patients.

Duties performed by Soldiers in this MOS include:

Perform elementary blood banking and clinical laboratory procedures in hematology, immunohematology, clinical chemistry, serology, bacteriology, parasitology and urinalysis.

Collect blood specimens by venipuncture and capillary puncture. Pack, unpack, inspect, store and distribute blood and blood products. Assemble, disassemble and maintain laboratory equipment.

Training Information

Job training for a medical laboratory specialist requires 10 weeks of Basic Combat Training and 52 weeks of Advanced Individual Trainings at a major military hospital for residency training, including practice-testing specimens. Possible locations include:

  • Fort Sam Houston, TX
  • Fort Gordon, GA
  • MAMC, Tacoma, WA
  • TAMC, Honolulu, HI
  • WRAMC, Washington, DC
  • Fort Bliss, TX
  • Fort Hood, TX
  • Fort Belvoir, VA
  • Fort Jackson, SC
  • Fort Leonard Wood
  • West Point, NY
  • Fort Knox, KS
  • Fort Riley, KS
  • Fort Sill, OK
  • Fort Polk, LA
  • Fort Bragg, NC
  • Fort Campbell, KY
  • Fort Carson, CO
  • Fort Stewart, GA

ASVAB Score Required: 106 in aptitude area ST

Security Clearance: None

Strength Requirement: moderately heavy

Physical Profile Requirement: 323222

Other Requirements

  • Normal color vision required
  • Successful completion of high school level chemistry and algebra or proficiency exams recognized by an Army Education Center. Official high school/college transcripts required.

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