US Army Job Description: 56M Chaplain Assistant

Military Chaplains Travel Afghan Battlefield Ministering To Troops
FORWARD OPERATING BASE RAMROD, AFGHANISTAN - MARCH 10: U.S. Army Chaplain Cpt. Kevin Burton (R), and his chaplain's assistant Sgt. Oscar Santiago return to their base after traveling to several combat outposts to give prayer services from Forward Operating Base Ramrod on March 10, 2010 in Kandahar province, Afghanistan. Military chaplains hold services on major bases as well as travel the battlefield throughout Afghanistan, providing a backbone of support for thousands of soldiers struggling with the difficulties of war and year-long deployments away from home. John Moore / Getty Images

Basic Job Description

Chaplain Assistants provide much-needed support to the Chaplains during missions and everyday activities. A Chaplain Assistant primarily provides support for the Unit Ministry Team programs and worship services.

Duties performed by Soldiers in this MOS include:

Synchronize religious support in the contemporary operating environment. Integrate the Unit Ministry Team into a tactical element.

Coordinate force protection for Commander's Critical Information Requirements. Prepare religious area analysis. Provide coordination, security and analysis support to indigenous religious leader liaison operations. Safeguard privileged communications. Perform crisis intervention. Coordinate Traumatic Event Management. Conduct specialized peer counseling for combat stress casualties. Provide emergency religious ministrations. Assess unit morale for targeted religious support. Manage religious support resources to include property, ecclesiastical equipment, section material/supplies and non-appropriated funds. Manage multi-purpose worship facilities and programs. Coordinate religious support for all faith groups.

Training Information

Job training for a chaplain assistant position requires 10 weeks of Basic Combat Training where you’ll learn basic Soldiering skills and seven weeks of Advanced Individual Training.

Some of the skills you’ll learn are:

  • English grammar, spelling and punctuation
  • Typing and clerical skills
  • Preparing forms and correspondence in Army style
  • Roles and responsibilities of Army chaplains
  • Religious history and background

ASVAB Score Required: 90 in aptitude area CL

Security Clearance: Secret

Strength Requirement: moderately heavy

Physical Profile Requirement: 222221

Other Requirements

  • Must be able to at a minimum speed of 20 net words per minute.
  • Must have favorable ENTNAC (Entrance National Agency Check) prior to award of MOS 56M
  • Must be a volunteer and agree to provide religious support for all religions supported by the command
  • Must understand he/she is a combatant and will participate in firearms training and bear arms
  • Must have no pattern of undesirable behavior as evidenced by civil and military records
  • No record of convictions by court martial
  • No record of civilian conviction within the last two years other than minor traffic offenses
  • A valid state motor vehicle operator's permit (not due to expire prior to completion of AlT)

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