Screenshot of a kitchen designed in 3Dream

The Bottom Line

3Dream is certainly one of the best free online room design applications. 3Dream will help you create the perfect room by giving you the chance to use more than 7,000 objects and hundreds of flooring and wall materials.

You'll be able to view your finished room in 4 different views including 3D.

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  • There are thousands of materials and products you can choose from in 3Dream
  • You can view your room from several viewpoints, including 3D
  • There are text and video tutorials to help you get started or quickly access if you have questions
  • You can take snapshots of your room and print or save them to view later
  • The undo and redo buttons can be used to quickly correct mistakes


  • The rotate tool in 3Dream can be difficult to use at times
  • The program crashed a few times for me but thankfully always recovered my work


  • You'll need to download and install the DX Studio Player plug-in before you can use 3Dream
  • Registration, which is free, is required
  • 3Dream online room design includes a design gallery where you can view others room designs and upload your own
  • Furnishings available can be viewed by browsing through categories or using the search function

Guide Review - 3Dream

I really enjoyed using 3Dream. Besides the rotate tool, it was easy to learn and very fun to use. There was a ton of products and materials I could use to furnish my room and I have to say I was very happy with the final result.

The 3D view is great at 3Dream and it almost made me feel like I was creating my own virtual world.

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