MSA Presentations at the 2015 International Franchise Expo

2015 International Franchise Expo
The International Franchise Expo.

The 2015 International Franchise Expo, held June 18-20 at the Javits Center in New York City, brings together thousands of entrepreneurs and business owners at the largest franchise expo in the U.S., with over 450 of the top franchises in attendance. Take advantage of 70 free seminars and in-depth symposia to help you find out what you need to know as new franchisee, and get the help you need in deciding which franchise is right for you.

MSA Worldwide, the acknowledged leader in franchise consulting, will be presenting seminars and symposia for prospective franchisees and franchisors, as well as current franchisors.

Free MSA Seminars – Thursday, June 18

How Much Am I Going to Earn?: How Franchisors May (and May Not) Answer This Question

Presented by: David Kaufmann, Founding Member and Senior Parnter, Kaufmann Gildin & Robbins LLP and Michael Seid, Managing Director, MSA Worldwide

Of all of the business and legal issues surrounding the sale of a franchise - activity which is heavily regulated by federal and state law and the business elements of which are mission critical - the one which prompts the most legal and business concern for franchisors is: what can they say when prospective franchisees ask them, “How much can I earn from my franchise?” In this program, the presenters will shed light on this topic, provide precise and practical “do’s” and “don’ts”, give you extensive “take home” materials and answer important questions, such as: How can financial performance information be conveyed in a franchisor’s Franchise Disclosure Document (“FDD”)?; What is the first thing a franchisor is legally required to do before it can say anything about the gross revenues or net profits of its units?; and How can a franchisor convey financial performance variations due to seasonality, geography or other factors?

Getting Ready to Franchise Your Business

Presented by: Marla Rosner, Senior Training Consultant, MSA Worldwide and Theresa Huszka, Senior Consultant, MSA Worldwide

Becoming a franchisor can be one of the most important decisions you will ever make in business. However, before hiring a consultant and lawyer to develop your franchise program, you must first understand how ready your concept is to franchise and then determine the appropriate steps to take.

This seminar will identify common deficiencies in companies prior to franchising, as well as how to guide you in preparing your company and concept for franchising. This session is also useful for those companies that are about to expand, even if they are not currently considering franchising.

Training: The DNA of your Franchise System

Presented by: Marla Rosner, Senior Training Consultant, MSA Worldwide

The replication of a franchise concept is accomplished through effective training programs. These programs not only address franchisees but also convey standards and procedures to field staff, unit level management and employees. This presentation provides an overview of training methods used in franchising ranging from classroom to eLearning and addresses typical content covered for different audiences.

Going International -- Moving Intelligently into International Expansion

Presented by: Kay Marie Ainsley, Managing Director, MSA Worldwide

Are you ready for international expansion? How do you put together a pro-active plan? What support needs to be in place? Where should you go first and what results can you expect? This and so much more will be discussed in this lively session.

Fee-Based MSA Symposia

Friday, June 19 & Saturday, June 20

CFE Accreditation

Franchising has become the dominant method for the creation of wealth through small business ownership. Franchising, once known primarily for restaurants, today is used by over 85 industries including a wide range of consumer and business to business services, retail, hospitality, health, recreation and many more. This two-day symposium will explain how to turn your business into a successful franchise.

All symposium attendees receive admission to the exhibits on all three days.

Who Should Attend: Business owners looking for information on franchising as a method to grow their businesses; CEOs, COOs and CFOs of companies seeking alternative methods of distribution, reorganization strategies, and additional pull through strategies; lawyers, accountants and business consultants whose clients require them to have a working knowledge of franchise development and management; CEOs of companies looking to expand outside the U.S. - whether or not they franchise domestically.

Over Two Days, This Symposium Will Look at:

  • The difference between licensing and franchising and when each is appropriate
  • Franchise Feasibility - is franchising the correct expansion strategy for your company
  • The benefits and risks of franchising your business
  • Characteristics of a strong franchisor organization
  • Tactical Business Planning - the design, development and implementation of a franchising strategy
  • The financial implications of developing a franchise system
  • Managing Expansion Strategies - understand when and how to use
  • Operation manuals and training programs
  • Use of technology in the support and expansion of the franchise system
  • Growing the business - how to develop and manage a franchise system growth strategy
  • Retro-franchising
  • Financing your growth and planning your exit strategy
  • The Law - understanding Federal and State Disclosure requirements, relationship laws, trademarks, service marks and trade dress, and other regulations

Friday, June 19

CFE Accreditation

Documentation of your business’ processes and procedures is the foundation to consistent execution of your franchise concept. Your Operations Manual becomes the core reference document for how to replicate your business methods for all franchisees and so must be thorough, clear and user-friendly. In addition, it must clearly specify what customer products and services, policies, marketing approaches, etc. are required for compliance with your franchise agreement. Learn key content that should be included as well as how to create a user-friendly Operations Manual in this symposium.

All course materials are presented in English only. All attendees receive admission to the exhibits on all three days.

Who Should Attend: Business owners who are strongly considering franchising and don’t have processes and procedures fully documented, new franchisors who want to confirm that they have taken the right approach, managers with training accountability in an established chain poised to franchise, existing franchisors needing to update their Operations Manual.

This Symposium Will Look At

  • How to capture key business processes and procedures for the Operations Manual
  • What types of manuals are customary to provide to franchisees
  • What topics are usually covered in an Operations Manual
  • How a Start Up Manual differs from an Operations Manual
  • How to language materials for your reader and ensure that compliance requirements are clear and straightforward
  • How to craft manual content to avoid vicarious liability lawsuits
  • How formatting impacts ease of use and updating manuals

Expo Registration

To avoid lines at onsite registration, register online and pick up your visitor badge at the scanner station in the Registration Lobby of the Javits Center. The deadline for discount prices online is 4:00 PM EST, June 17.