2104 - Best Android Apps for Personal Finance

Best Android Apps for Managing Your Budget

Android budget apps - 2014 top picks
Best Android Budget Apps 2014. My Budget Book / MoneyWise / Toshl Finance

I've taken a look at many Android apps for personal budgeting expenses and chose the best for this list. You can create an annual or monthly budget with these apps and then as you enter income and expenses, you will view graphical reports that show you on the Android screen whether you're sticking to your spending plan.

The best Android budgeting apps for 2014 are:

  • My Budget Book
  • MoneyWise
  • Toshl Finance Budget & Expense
  • Budget Calendar, You Need A Budget and Goodbudget

My Budget Book Android App

My Budget Book Android budgeting app 2014.
My Budget Book for Android. One Two Apps

I featured My Budget Book in my 2013 picks for personal budgeting apps, and it was good to see that this app still belongs in my top picks this year. My Budget Book doesn't look as fresh and new as some of my other app choices for budgeting do, and I think this is just because the background is so dark. Don't let looks fool you, this is a great app, whether you're using it on your Android phone or tablet.

When you first open My Budget book, you see a home screen with nine shortcuts to common tasks represented by icons so you can get right to adding income, entering expenses, making transfers between accounts or access the search function and more. There's an icon for uncategorized transactions so you can quickly find them and apply budget categories, which are necessary to keep a budget effectively. Lower on the home screen, you'll find the total of all accounts, income and expenses, and quick access to budget reports as tables or graphs. Reports have many sorting and filtering options.

For security, you can password protect the app, there are automatic back ups, and you can back up to Dropbox and other online backup services. A feature you won't find in most other budgeting apps is the ability to create your data entry templates that make entering transactions faster.

My Budget Book supports 10 languages and over 100 currencies. Unused budgeted amounts roll over to the following month.

MoneyWise - Home Budget Android App

MoneyWise budgeting app for Android 2014.
MoneyWise for Android. Smart Finance Apps

MoneyWise is a relative newcomer to the Google Play app store, and it's definitely worth taking a look at. There's a free version in the Google Play Store, but it does not have anywhere near the same features or the look of the paid version that this review covers. This budgeting app has a lot of great features, too many to list here so be sure to use the link below to read more about it in the Google Play Store.

When you open the MoneyWise, your see your total income and expenses and the difference between the two. Recent transactions appear below that and at the bottom of the screen is a menu of navigation options to your budget, accounts, transactions and more. For security, you can password protect the app and back up to Dropbox or an SD card.

Some other features include:

  • Bill payment reminder alerts and recurring transactions.
  • Autofill transactions (memorized transactions) save time on frequently entered data.
  • Three widgets for quickly viewing income, expense and unspent budget amount and for quickly adding a transaction.
  • Extra tools: Calculator, currency converter, tip, interest and tax calculators, ATM and bank locator.
  • Supports all currencies.

Toshl Finance Budget & Expense for Android

Toshl Finance Budget & Expense financial app for Android
Toshl Finance Budget & Expense for Android. Toshl Inc

This app is by far the most expensive Android budgeting app I've found, but it backs up your data to the cloud via Toshl Finance Budget & Expense online app. There is a free version that is useful but seriously limited. I considered much less costly budget apps but decided to include Toshl along with MoneyWise and My Budget Book in my picks for 2014 because of the features offered.

Budgets can be set up for weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, yearly, daily and one time expenses. Entering expenses is quick and easy with the right amount of detail, which is helpful when using a small smartphone screen. Bill reminders help you make payments on time, and there's support for over 160 currencies, multiple currencies with exchange rates, and you can set up a custom currency if yours isn't supported.

The paid app offers these features and more:

  • Multiple budgets.
  • Set up and use multiple sources of income instead of just one.
  • Export to Excel, CSV, PDF and Google Docs.
  • Monthly budget reports via email.
  • Search expenses online.
  • Data syncs with Toshl.com to back up data and to allow the budget to be used on multiple devices (by multiple people, if needed).

You'll find cute little monsters throughout Toshl Finance Budget & Expense, which does nothing to manage your budget and makes the app kind of fun to use.

More Great Android Budget Apps

Adjust your budget and see trends in the mobile app for Quicken 2014.
Budget in Quicken 2014 Mobile App. Intuit / Quicken

Here are some other budgeting apps that I like, but did not include because either they had not been rated by enough users or they require a desktop or online app:

Budget Calendar ($4.95) looks promising. It uses a calendar for budget planning, which is something I've not seen to this extent in a mobile budgeting app before. I'll keep my eye on this one, which was just released this month.

You Need A Budget (free) is a great budgeting app that works with the YNAB desktop software. I was looking for stand alone Android apps this year, so left this one out. But, if you're looking for strong budgeting software for Windows or Mac that has an Android and/or iOS app, check this one out.

Goodbudget (formerly EEBA) (free) works with the Goodbudget online app that offers a free forever version and a much more robust paid version for $5 per month or $45 per year.