2009 National Guard Annual Salary

Enlisted with 10 or Fewer Years of Service

The below chart depicts the average annual salary for enlisted members of the Army and Air National Guard, with 10 or fewer years of service, for the calendar year of 2009. For those with more than 10 years of service, see this chart.

National Guard members receive four days worth of active duty base pay for each weekend drill period. Additionally, they receive 1/30th of active duty base pay for each day of annual training.

When Guard members are called to full-time active duty for longer than 30 days, they receive the same pay and allowances as active duty members.

Members of the National Guard are required to perform a minimum of 12 weekend drills and 15 days of annual training per year.

The below chart shows what a Guard member would make each year in drill and annual training pay, assuming the minimum drill/training period required. The chart does not include housing allowance or food allowance that many Guard members may qualify for during the annual training period. They also do not include active duty pay that a member of the Guard may receive during full-time active duty (other than annual training), such as when attending military schools, or when deployed.

The chart below includes a 3.9 percent pay raise, over 2008 Guard drill pay rates. The new rates are effective on January 1, 2009.

Military pay is based upon grade (rank) and years of military service:


2009 Military Guard Annual Salary